Feb 25, 2015

Former Baby Kara Member and DSP Trainee Sojin Passes Away

My heart broke in half this morning when I read that former DSP trainee and member of reality show "Kara Project" Ahn Sojin had passed away. She was found dead in her apartment and as of now the suspicion of the cause of her death is suicide, which makes me all the more upset. I did watch the show as it aired and I instantly took a liking in Sojin, as she was both talented, humble and hardworking and it pains my heart to know she might have taken her own life.

As for the reasons why she might have done it, I don't think we'll ever find out but it doesn't really matter. I did hear that she had only recently parted ways with DSP and was therefore not part of the new DSP girl group April's line-up, and I'm sure that must've been difficult for her. Naturally there could have been many other factors as well, but it wouldn't be the first time an entertainment worker had decided to end their life as a result of the pressure of the industry.

I sincerely hope that she's in a better place now as I send my condolences to her friends and family whom I assume are struggling at this difficult time. I will always have fond memories of Sojin, even though I didn't get to see enough of her while she lived. May she rest in peace.

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