Dec 30, 2014

2014 End-year Review - Top 5 Songs

2014 is finally coming to an end, and I'm welcoming the next year with open arms and high expectations. This year has been tough, to say the least. Uncountable scandals and accidents have shadowed the entertainment industry, and personally I haven't had the greatest time either. I'm hoping next year will be both happier, more peaceful and full of awesome music.

Since I already did my 5 favorite songs of the first half of the year, I'm now going to present to you the ones that stood out to me during the second one. Together they will make up some of my absolute favorite jams of the year that was 2014.

Dec 28, 2014

Song of the Week #33

Got7 - Like Oh 

When Got7 debuted and their first mini album dropped, everyone loved this song. I listened to it back then I didn't find it anything special, but when I heard it again only a couple of weeks ago I loved it. Sometimes I wonder what was up with the past version me. Anyhow, this track is seriously amazing, and the build-up during Jr's pre-chorus honestly sends chills down my spine.

Dec 22, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (10-1)

10. Kara's Hara

Although some people claim she has ruined her face with plastic surgery, I personally think she looks just as gorgeous as she always has. I remember back in the day when she dated Beast's Junhyung I wanted to dislike her because of it but I simply couldn't. I ended up being jealous of him instead,

9. Girl's Day's Yura

Yura certainly came in like a wrecking ball last year for me. Loosing the bangs was definitely the best decision she's ever made, because now I could finally see her lovely face. Her body is pretty amazing too, as shown in the picture above. Seriously, I almost choked when I first saw it.

8. f(x)'s Sulli

Smiling angel Sulli is also one of the those who have grown on me throughout the years, as I did find her beautiful but not too special at all. Nowadays though, when she has matured a bit and become more of a young woman I am all into the hype. What a princess.

7. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung

I'm being completely honest when I say that Sooyoung was my first SNSD bias, and to this day I'm still crazy about her. Her unique looks are what makes her so gorgeous, and I'm happy she's getting more love from the public with her recent dramas and various MC:ing stunts.

6. f(x)'s Krystal

Jessica might not be on this list, but the Jung family are well represented by the younger sister instead. Krystal has a rare kind of sheer star power that far from everyone possesses, that special "it" factor. I wish I could either be her, or possibly be her best friend. I seriously adore this girl.

5. Girl's Generation's Yoona
SNSD - Casio SheenSNSD - I Got A Boy

Here's another grower here, as I could never understand why people thought she looked so much better than everyone else. She was pretty, but in a plain way. Recently though, Yoona has proven herself to be well worthy of her position as visual, and now I'm definitely a big fan of her too.

4. 4Minute's Hyuna

"Hyuna is love. Hyuna is life"; I suggest you all try to live by those words from now on. Many people seem to hate Hyuna for no reason, but I guess having the looks and skills she has bring out the worst type of jealousy. She is a natural goddess on stage and a force to be reckoned with, don't try to deny it.

3. Girl's Day's Hyeri
Girl’s Day - Darling

How did I end up falling completely in love with this young woman? I don't know how it happened but I'm glad it did. Hyeri radiates happiness, youth and sweetness, and her bubbly personality is really just the cherry on top. Not only is she the prettiest ever, but she seems like a genuinely fun person to be around.

2. After School's Nana

Oh my darling Nana. It was literally love at first sight when I first laid eyes on her, and that love has continued for years now. Although my admiration of her has declined a tiny bit since then, hence the 2nd place, I still think she's absolutely stunning and nothing will ever change my mind about that.

1. Girls' Generation's Seohyun

As if there was ever any competition. I don't know how this happened because I didn't pay that much attention to Seohyun at all before, but suddenly something just snapped and realized all I've been missing out on. Ever since "Mr. Mr" I've been kind of crazy about her, so much she even managed to steal Nana's given first place, and that says a lot. I know my love for this fantastic woman will only grow more, because this is just the beginning for me and my new female bias.

Dec 21, 2014

Song of the Week #32

Neon Bunny - It's You

This song. THIS SONG. Seriously guys, one of the best tracks to have come out this year. I have literally no idea who Neon Bunny even is, but I know that I am intrigued to find out more about her and her music. This song is completely and utterly flawless, and I'm hating myself for not discovering it sooner.

Dec 16, 2014

2014 Presents Its Last Gift: Joon and Thunder Leave MBLAQ

The future of this group had been uncertain for quite a while, with their latest releases creating little to no hype and the group's popularity declining by the hour. For a group that started off in a very promising manner, at the time being competing with fellow boy band Beast, Mblaq has been fading more and more into the background. If you compare where Beast and Mblaq stand today, the results are very different and it's much of it is because of management.

Dec 9, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (20-11)

20. Nine Muses' Euaerin

This girl needs more recognition, like right now. Not only is she actually a good female rapper, but she is nothing less but stunning. She has the prettiest face ever, and her body is long and toned with legs that go on for days and days.

19. A Pink's Eunji

Her smile is like rainbows and kittens. Her voice is a gift sent from the heavens. She has a fun, outgoing personality and isn't afraid to look a bit silly at times. Also, she's absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention she's an acting prodigy too? This girl is my kind of gal.

18. T-ara's Hyomin

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit sad when she chopped all her hair off, because have you seen her with these long locks? Flawless. In all seriousness though, Hyomin rocked my world when T-ara dropped "Number 9", and since then I've been steadily crushing on her.

17. f(x)'s Luna

Oh, Luna, you precious, underrated amazing woman. I'm always furious about how she keeps getting the short end of the stick in her group, because she is by far the most talented out of all of them. Part of that is what makes her so incredibly beautiful.

16. 4Minute's Gayoon

Gorgeous, gorgeous Gayoon. How you've grown into your looks as you've gotten older. She is really the prime example of someone finding and expressing their true beauty for the world to see, and I'm so thrilled that she's getting more work these days because she needs to be seen.

15. T-ara's Eunjung

My love for Eunjung reaches deep down and far back, and if there's one person I'm constantly holding onto, it's her. She is one of the prettiest people ever and she is extremely talented too. With every comeback, this lovely woman is guaranteed to take my breath away.

14. Red Velvet's Joy

When I first came in contact with Red Velvet, the person that instantly stood out was Joy. It wasn't only because she actually didn't look like the other triplets, but because of her gorgeous smile. Additionally, she's born in 96 like myself, so obviously I have to be biased towards her.

13. Sunmi
Sun Mi - Harper’s Bazaar Magazine October Issue ‘13Sun Mi - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.46

I had no idea who Sunmi was when she made her solo debut, because she was out of the industry when I entered, but I soon grew to love her as many other also did. Her first comeback with "Full Moon" was the last deciding factor, and I realized I had developed a solid girl crush on this stunning lady.

12. Girl's Day's Sojin


Can you believe this woman is soon turning 30? No, me neither. What I love about Sojin, apart from here amazing looks and talent, is that she seems like such a mature, grounded person. Her personality is naturally sweet and caring and that makes her all the more beautiful in my eyes.

11. Miss A's Suzy

If this was two years ago, Suzy probably wouldn't have even been on this list at all, but this past year or so I've finally realized why Korea loves her so much. I love this grown up, mature and womanly version of Suzy and I've actually found myself secretly looking up her latest photo-shoots out of sheer admiration for her beauty.

Dec 7, 2014

Song of the Week #31

Taetiseo - Stay

This song is both summery, sweet and retro in the the best possible way, and I adore the chorus in particular. However, I want to seriously injure the person deciding that Tiffany should have her own rap portion. Way to ruin the breezy flow of the song. Do NOT let these girls rap for crying out loud.

Dec 4, 2014

What the MAMA's Should Have Gone Like

We need to talk about this. Now. 
There's nothing else in the world that aggregates me as much as the MAMA awards, and that's exactly why I'm dedicating a post to it. Every single year this award show takes place, and every single year I'm left with anger and disappointment. This event has to be the most rigged, unfair mess of an award show there is, and nothing makes me angrier than seeing groups being awarded when they're not deserving of it in any way. The MAMA's seem to have a clear "no attendance, no award"-policy, at least for the most part, and while it's not always true it's still quite evident. 

Dec 2, 2014

Infinite F's Korean Version Of "Heartbeat" Sees The Light Of The Day

Have you ever seen anything sweeter? I didn't think so.

In all seriousness though, as much as I love the idea of the maknae line having their own unit, the fact that they're the three weakest vocalists isn't exactly favoring them. The song isn't really my cup of tea either, as I think it's a bit too sugary and bland sounding. Just like with their new sister group Lovelyz they're opting for a more J-pop inspired sound and considering this song was released in Japanese first and no one even knew they were going to promote it in Korea; I guess it's understandable. Still not my type of music though, as bubbly as it is.

The video too is bright, cute and fluffy, and if I weren't a fan I would probably be puking rainbows right now. Well, I still kind of do but I'm happy doing so because it's in the end it's still Infinite we're discussing here. They all look smiley and adorable and although the video isn't the most exciting just seeing their happy faces is enough for me. Myungsoo though, aren't you just the cutest thing ever because I literally cannot cope with your dimples and smile and everything.

Let's just say I'm looking forward to their live promotions, and especially the dance because it isn't shown that much here. Also, the interactions between these three boys are always funny, because of their very different personalities and positions. I would be lying if I said that I hated this song and concept, but I generally tend to steer away from these kind of things. However, because it's Infinite F, I'm willing to make and exception.