Mar 30, 2015

Twins Or Not Twins? That's The Question

When I first got into K-pop, I couldn't tell anyone apart. Asians all look the same, right? Actually they don't look alike at all but for someone with little exposure to East Asia I honestly thought everyone looked very similar. Nowadays I can separate people almost instantly, but back in the day there were always those members of a group that I literally couldn't tell apart.

The examples below may seem ridiculous now, but at the time they were perfectly justified. I guess it shows how much I've grown used to these kind of features as well.

PART 1 - The Reasonable 

SNSD's Yuri and Yoona

Well, they are part of the infamous SNSD triplets (along with Seohyun), so I guess this isn't the strangest one.

Kara's Gyuri and former member Jiyoung

There's something about they way that they both don't look entirely Korean, if you know what I mean, that makes them similar. So far not too weird.

Infinite's L and Woohyun

They both had dark hair and similar haircuts when I got into Infinite, so don't look at me like that for comparing these two!

Secret's Sunhwa and Jieun

Big eyes, similar hairstyles, fair skin..., I mean the similarities just go on and on.

Block B's Jaehyo and B-Bomb

Anyone who says these two don't look alike is simply lying to themselves. To this day I still see some resemblance of one in the other.

B1A4's Jinyoung and Gongchan

They're both pretty boys so of course I would get them mixed up!

A Pink's Bomi and Chorong

Back when Chorong still had her chubby cheeks they could totally pass as sisters, or cousins, or distant relatives.

PART 2 - The Unreasonable

4Minute's Sohyun and Jihyun

These two look absolutely nothing alike whatsoever. I'm still confused as to how I used to think they looked similar.

SHINee's Taemin and Key

Again, no idea how I could get them mixed up. Key and Taemin literally look like they come from two separate universes.

BTS' J-Hope and Suga

Sure, they're both totally adorable but in completely different ways. The only similarity they actually had at their debut was the black hair color. Nothing else.

Got7's JB and Jr

One of them oozes masculinity and the other takes the prettiest pictures ever. Doesn't sound too similar, does it?

f(x)'s Luna and Sulli

Apart from the fact that they're both gorgeous, Luna and Sulli really don't share any facial features.

SNSD's Tiffany and former member Jessica

Again, how could I even think in the slightest bit that these two looked alike? I don't get it.

So now the question is: who did you think looked alike at first sight?

Mar 27, 2015

5 MORE Female Idols That Rock Short Hair

Remember my "6 Female Idols That Rock Short Hair" post a while ago?
After some consideration I decided I needed to add some additional idols to turn it into a complete and fulfilled post, since the previous one was lacking a bit in quantity. The male version that I posted recently is packed with hotness and I thought the ladies deserved some updated sexiness too.

AOA's Choa

Although I really like her in longer hair her blonde bob has become her signature look, and for good reasons. Few people can be so captivating and look this amazing with this do.

Miss A's Min

Min has almost always had a shorter hairstyle, and it works magnificently well for her. The few times her hair has been long it looked awkward, but a guess a fierce girl needs a fierce hairstyle.

f(x)'s Luna

I still cannot believe how fantastic this blue-gray bob looked on Luna, and how happy I was that SM finally gave her a haircut that made her stand out like the star she is.


Now I know that IU is a fairy princess that looks pretty every single moment of the day, but when she cut her hair I was in awe of how effortlessly she could transition from long to short.

Nicole Jung

Nicole of ex-Kara fame has worn many variations of hair length of the years, but I think she has had shorter hair for the most part and if you look at the pictures above, can you blame her?

Mar 26, 2015

TBT - Boyfriend's "Janus"

Released: November 7, 2012

Although I am not a fan of Boyfriend by any stretch of the imagination, when I first heard this song in late 2012 I could not believe my ears. To this day it still remains my favorite song of theirs, but I haven't really listened to anything else either so I have probably no right to call it so, but whatever. This song is just really good and while the video is quite embarrassing in the acting department; I love the styling and the choreography is just as amazing.

Red Velvet Doubles Up With "Automatic" And "Ice Cream Cake"

Red Velvet - Ice Cream Cake

As I previously wrote when the news of member Yeri being added to the group; I've been feeling a bit upset about Red Velvet's new direction. Although I've grown to like Yeri more and more I still don't think she's a particularly useful addition, which is proven both in these videos and on their live stages. Sure there's room for her to grow, but it still makes very little sense to me.

Mar 25, 2015

10 Male Idols That Rock Long Hair

Lately I've been really into long hair on guys. There's just something about they way that some guys pull it off that make them about a 1000 times more attractive than every other good-looking dude with a short haircut, and if I were to decide more men would have longer hair because I think a lot of them would suit it.

K-pop of course, is no exception to the male hair norm, but there are some idols that have rocked longer locks and looked smashing in them. Look below for my 10 favorite dudes with longer hair.

Vixx's Hongbin

Granted, Hongbin looks amazing in every possible haircut but there's just something about his long do that sets my heart on fire. How I wish it would come back soon.

2PM's Taecyeon

What wouldn't I give to see Taecyeon in a ponytail again? Seriously, there's nothing more attractive than a traditionally masculine looking man pulling off long hairstyles.

CNBlue's Jungshin

Although member Jonghyun's lucious locks are a big competitor, Jungshin's long hair will forever be remembered as one of the greatest hairstyles ever. I really miss it.

SHINee's Minho

The first show I ever watched with SHINee was "Hello Baby" and it was because of that show, or more particularly this hair in that show, that I fell in love with Minho. Bring it back please.

EXO's Chanyeol

Chanyeol with long hair is love. Chanyeol with long hair is life. I believe that if he grows out his glorious mane once again I might actually begin to like EXO for real.

Infinite's Sungyeol

By the time I got into Infinite (2012-ish), Sungyeol rocked this length and thus he became my first bias. I guarantee that the same would happen again if it returned. Are you listening Woollim?

B1A4's CNU

It's a shame that CNU has been moving away from his long-hair-and-glasses-look that's become somewhat of his trademark. He looks so darn attractive with this type of hairstyle.

JYJ's Yoochun
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Oh the glory that was Yoochun's gracious long hair, it will forever be remembered in our hearts. With his enlistment coming up soon there's little chance of it reappearing, and that totally sucks.

2PM's Chansung

It's easy to forget that 2PM's youngest member had long hair by the time of their debut, but it should never be forgotten. I normally don't find him too attractive, but behold the magic of the mane.

SHINee's Taemin

Tragic "Sherlock" extensions aside, there's no denying that Taemin most certainly suits long hair. Sure, it may further enhance his feminine features but I happen to love those features.