Dec 31, 2015

Top 10 Songs of 2015 - B-sides

It's not uncommon that a lot of the times I prefer a B-side on a group's new album to their promotional title track, in fact it happens a lot. The way I see it is that the title tracks, that the groups and soloists promote on shows is made to have a specific sound, one that is the most radio friendly and easy to sing along to. However this means that those songs often come across as generic, and especially compared to other songs on the album that are less contained and more unique and original. That was the case so much this year that I had to do two separate posts for title tracks and B-sides because there were so many great ones to pick from. So here they are below in no particular order; my favorite ones of 2015.

Dec 30, 2015

Glorious Photoshoots - December Round-Up


Suzy's shoot for 1st Look might be the best one she's ever done. I'm astonished by her beauty.

Late 2015 Boy Group Comeback Recap - Madtown, The Legend & Royal Pirates

It's time for another compilation review post! This time I'm directing my attention to the boys, because there were a few comebacks this fall that I wanted to review but didn't have the time to write separate posts for. Overall I must say that right now I'm definitely more a girl group stan, and I think that this year the girls have been far more dominant too, but it doesn't mean I'm ignoring all the boy groups out there. Three comebacks that stood out to me were three vastly different groups; Madtown, The Legend and the Royal Pirates.

Dec 29, 2015

Top 10 Choreographies of 2015

The "Best of 2015" series continues, and today we will tackle one of the most exciting categories in my opinion; best choreographies. The dancing is arguably on of the best parts about K-pop in general, especially when you're from a western country where the pop groups rarely dance and if they do; poorly, and even my mom who isn't much of a fan is amazed by how great everyone is at dancing. Below I have compiled my 10 favorite dance routines of the year, with some honorable mentions at the end for those who were so close to making it, but sadly didn't. Enjoy!

Dec 28, 2015

Top 10 Songs of 2015 - Title Tracks

Guys, this was so hard. Putting together this list was nearly impossible, and I honestly cannot understand how I managed to narrow it down to a top 10 last year. I have to say that 2015 has been pretty good in terms of music, and thus this ranking of my favorite songs took some time to put together. Like with the post for favorite albums I have added some restrictions here as well, because otherwise it would be too hard. For example I have split this ranking into two categories; title tracks and b-sides, as well as limiting it to Korean songs only (meaning no Japanese songs by Korean artists)and in doing so this has become a bit easier, but still very difficult. Nonetheless, here you have the first part of this series; my favorite songs of 2015, title track edition!

Dec 27, 2015

Song of the Week #57

Monsta X - Hero

I literally heard this song for the first time earlier this week and I was completely taken back. This is actually really good, like this is a song I would be stanning a group because of. It appears this wasn't even their title track but rather a follow-up of some sorts and it doesn't really have an MV of its own apart from the dance versions, which is really tragic. Starship, what are you guys doing? I want more of this, thanks. Also, I.M's rapping is on fire.

Dec 26, 2015

Top 10 Albums of 2015

This is what I've been waiting all year for; the "Best of" series! I'm going to kick it off with best album but unlike what I said I would do last year I will not be separating the albums into full and mini, because, well, there wasn't enough full albums that I liked. However there will be some restrictions for this list. For it to be counted as a mini album it has to contain at least four songs, excluding an eventual intro, because there were some that I liked but were a bit too short to be counted as a mini album to me. This will be in no particular order because it would be too hard, but here it is; my favorite albums of 2015!

B.A.P Is FINALLY Back With "Matrix"

Back in 2012 there was a huge flood of new groups debuting, in fact it is the year that witnessed the most K-pop debuts ever, and among all those groups there were a few that stood out and stuck around, and B.A.P was one of them. Their debut song and MV "Warrior" caught a lot of people's attention, and for a good reason. They brought something that really hadn't been seen before; a tough, aggressive image with a rock-hip hop sound and six bleach blonde heads. I still think their debut is one of the best ones do date, period, but over the years they've gone through some changes.

Dec 24, 2015

TBT - EXO's "Miracles In December"

Released: December 4, 2013

I know this isn't the best kind of throwback considering this song is only years old, but to me it feels just like yesterday when I first heard EXO's single of off their Christmas album. As you know I'm not an EXO stan, sure I like some of their songs and their first album "XOXO" still remains one of my all time favorites, but I'm not into them in that kind of way. However this song just blows my mind every time I listen to it; this is a ballad done right.

Dec 21, 2015

BTS' "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.2"

About half a year ago BTS released the very first part of this two-part album project that would be their main focus during 2015. A series of two mini albums and singles with the focus on "youth" and the ups and downs of being young in today's society. It's a topic this group have touched on before in many of their songs, but this time they decided to take it to the next level with both of these two mini albums as well as movie-like music videos for the lead singles "I Need U" and "Run". Personally I have been loving this idea both in theory and practice, and although I really liked "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 1" I must say this second part is even better.

Dec 20, 2015

Song of the Week #56

f(x) - Wish List

Of course f(x) would be the group to save the holiday season from all the generic Christmas songs that are released this time of the year. This single is part of a SM compilation release featuring all Christmas tracks from f(x), Red Velvet and BoA, and I knew as soon as I heard the teaser snippet for this song that it would rock. Not even in such a over-worked stereotypical genre do they manage to fall victims to releasing boring songs, and I guess that's why I love them so much. "Wish List" is simply amazing, but what else can you expect from f(x)?

This is me at all times (gif not mine).

Dec 17, 2015

TBT - Brown Eyed Girls' "Sixth Sense"

Released: September 22, 2011

This song. This video. This everything. After their massive hit "Abracadabra" this was their next big single, and boy does "Sixth Sense" go hard. This groups has always been unapologetically fierce and sexy, and the concept they had for this 2011 comeback might be my favorite one of theirs, after "Abracadabra" of course. I love everything about this release; the song is amazing and bad-ass and the video is fantastic. If only more girl groups released stuff like this.

Dec 15, 2015

Vixx Releases Second Full Album "Chained Up"

It's been almost precisely two years since Vixx's very first full length album "Voodoo" was released, and now the six members have come back with their second one. To me Vixx's discography hasn't been as consistent as I would have liked it to be, as it seems every other title track is a hit and the next one isn't, as well as them drastically switching from dark, fantasy-inspired concepts to bright, light-hearted ones. Of course that's become kind of their thing now so no one's really reacting that strongly, but it does result in some sort of conflict when it comes to their musical style.

Although I wasn't crazy about "Voodoo" I did like it, but for the most part I have enjoyed their mini albums much more. As for "Chained Up" I went in with low expectations as a result of my general disappointment over the title track, and I has my expectations both confirmed and proven wrong all in the same album.

Dec 14, 2015



I'm so happy right now guys, so happy. I was wondering, honestly, if this day would ever come but now it seems it has; a teaser photo for Winner's upcoming comeback was released this morning. I've been following this group not only since their debut but before they even released their first anything, and although I knew a hiatus like this one (one and a half year) was likely knowing the way YG artists promote, I've been missing them like crazy.

Now we know that 2016 will be off to a good start as the boys are coming back in January 11, hopefully with a full album, and I'm genuinely already counting down the days.

Dec 13, 2015

BTS Concludes The Story With "Run"

With every comeback I'm more and more astonished by this still relatively new group, and what huge progress they're constantly making. When BTS first debuted I wasn't really into what they were trying to do, as I liked the fact that they were singing about social issues and teenage related problems but their "try-hard" hip-hop image with the baggy clothes, gold chains and loose shorts didn't work for me as you know by now is one the images I've come to dislike the most. Then somewhere about a year into their debut something happened.  Although the music didn't change that drastically (at least when it came to B-sides) their title tracks started to sound more mature and their styling and overall look changed completely. Looking at them now and where they were back then makes me both impressed and also immensely proud, and with their new single "Run" as well as the second half of their mini album series out I couldn't be happier.

Song (And Video) of the Week #55

Lovelyz - For You

Lovelyz recently came back with a cheerful, summary single to cheer fans up in the middle of the dark winter we're currently in, and I genuinely like the song with its upbeat vibe and uplifting lyrics. Sure, it sounds eerily like an A Pink track and probably the least Lovelyz soundning comeback titel they've put out, but I like it nonetheless. The girls traveled abroad to a seemingly warmer place to shoot this video, and although it would have suited being a summer single it works well as a warm gift for their fans.

Dec 12, 2015

Nine Muses Come Back With A New Style For "Sleepless Night" MV

When I found out that my darlings Nine Muses were going to work with Brave Brothers for their upcoming November comeback I was anxious, to say the least. One of my favorite aspects about this group is their solid sound and incredible discography, and although they've worked with many different producers before (Sweetune being the most prominent one) all of their singles have had a cohesive sound and musical complexity. Brave Brothers is known for recycling the same beats over and over again for his songs, and I was afraid Nine Muses would become victims to his inability to produce unique tracks suitable for the specific artist he's working with. "Sleepless Night" dropped on the 24th, and so far I'm not sure what I think about it.

Dec 10, 2015

TBT - Infinite's "Be Mine"

Almost four and a half years ago Infinite released "Be Mine", and I don't think any of them knew what was about to happen afterwards. The main single of off their first full length album "Over The Top" turned them into a high profile group in South Korea, and won them their ever first music show award among many others. I personally love this song as it think it definitely embodies Infinite's signature sound, and the video along with the choreography are both amazing as well.

Dec 7, 2015

EXID Comes Back With A "Hot Pink" Mess

I love the story of Exid, I really do. The group debuted in 2012, which was arguably the busiest year ever, and they along with many other groups fell into the unknown. Their single "Every Night" was probably their most famous one but even that didn't seem to get them anywhere, and neither did their 2013 comeback with "Up & Down", until one fancam of member Hani made them an overnight sensation. Nowadays everyone knows about Exid and I couldn't be happier because I was one of those people jamming to "Every Night" back in 2012. However since the success of "Up & Down" I've beginning to note a theme with their comeback tracks and I'm not sure I like it, but "Hot Pink" has to be the messiest one by far.

Dec 6, 2015

Song of the Week #54

Girls' Generation - Etude

Sometimes I really miss the early SNSD days, when they used to put out songs like this one. For someone who got into K-pop quite late (at least in regards to when SNSD debuted) it's hard to imagine that once upon a time they were the cute, innocent girl group that nowadays groups like A Pink and GFriend are taking upon themselves. Either way the song "Etude" is a pretty good song despite being a bit too cutesy for my liking, and if anything it's impressive to see how long SNSD has come since those days.

Dec 5, 2015

Vixx Are Back Sexier Than Ever With "Chained Up"

Vixx is a group with a pretty specific, unique image. Over the years they've worked their way up from the cute, colorful "Super Hero" days to the dark, mysterious concepts they do these days, often with elements of the supernatural or inhuman (with some lighter ones in between, like "Love Equation" earlier this year)  However what all concepts have had in common is that they've been pretty sexy, but the past releases are nothing in terms of sexiness to their latest comeback that is "Chained Up".

Dec 4, 2015

SNS Friday #7

Hyoyeon shares a stunning photo from what looks like a photoshoot. At least I hope it is!

Yubin looking cute at the Unpretty Rapstar 2 concert rehearsal.

Daehyun shares a group photo of B.A.P after their recent music show win. Congratulations!

Ett foto publicerat av @yoona__lim

The beautiful Yoona updates us all the way from Prague.

Can Kyungri look anything other than absolutely gorgeous? I don't think so.

Dasom pays Hyorin a surprise visit at the Unpretty Rapstar 2 concert. Cuties!

Junhyung shows off his cute side, which I have absolutely no problem with.

The four beautiful members of Bestie take a photo together. Where's the comeback girls?

I can't handle Ji Chang Wook with his hair up. I just can't.

Concert or not, B1A4 always seems to find a way to end up with random outfits.

Mark's been looking so good lately, and this photo is just a bit too much for my fragile heart.

A happy Exid with their Show Champion trophy. I love their golden robes.

151130 Jimin’s Tweet다녀올게요#JIMIN #뭔가 자다 일어난거 티난다

I’ll go and come back#JIMIN #Somewhat able to tell that I just woke up  

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS   


151129 Suga’s Tweet

다들 수고 많았습니다!! 우리 함께 가요!! 오래오래!!!

Everyone, you’ve worked really hard!! Let’s go together!! For a long long time!!! 

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans© TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS  

Jimin and Suga are bringing it as usual, both in orange and mint.

Hyuna without bangs is the best kind of Hyuna there is. Man she looks hot.

Is it even legal to be as hot as Seo Kang Joon is? I'm dying over here guys!

Jae looks crazy hot in this recent selca, I'm not even kidding.

The lovely ladies of Twice with her "Best New Female Artist" award. Congratulations!

Ett foto publicerat av 유영 (@u_0lee)

 It's criminal how underrated Yooyoung is. Seriously, she is drop dead gorgeous.

Everyone's favorite dongsaeng Yeo Jin Goo looking handsome in a suit.

Last but not least we have bff's Bambam and Jimin, who are nothing but adorable together. 

Dec 3, 2015

TBT - Orange Caramel's "Lipstick"

Released: September 11, 2012

Oh my goodness this video, this freaking song, this everything! When I got into K-pop in 2012 and this comeback happened I was more hooked than I'd ever been on anything before. Fine, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but "Lipstick" is amazing on so many levels and this video is honestly iconic. Also I really, really miss Orange Caramel (and After School in general) so a comeback soon would be nice. Please Pledis, please?

Dec 1, 2015

Who Knew Psy's Comeback Would Be The Best Thing To Come Out Of YG This Year?

In my defense; Big Bang still hasn't released their full album yet.

I realize now I haven't really written about Psy before which is weird, because although I'm not a fan myself the guy is a viral phenomenon, as I think almost every person on the internet knows his name. Since the success of "Gangnam Style" three years ago he's been releasing songs to follow up the hit sensation, but the reviews have been mixed to say the least. It felt as if he was trying to ride off of the wave of "Gangnam Style" by doing very similar songs and videos, almost with the feeling as if the target was to go viral instead of being funny and random which was the first video's original intention. The focus was definitely in the wrong place, but now it seems he has returned to his roots.

The responses to Psy's new double title tracks "Napal Baji" and "Daddy" have been much more positive, as fans have said them to be more authentic and closer to the sound of Psy's older work. It no longer feels as if he's trying to please international audiences and make headlines, and I wholeheartedly agree with this. Both of these videos are hilarious and super fun, and the songs are amazingly catchy with infectious hooks and great dance moves to boot. I have to say now that I'm really looking forward to Psy's performance at the MAMA's tomorrow, and if he's going to sing these two songs I'm sure the whole place will be turned upside down in the best way possible.