Jun 30, 2016

Oh My Girl Makes A Quick And Stormy Comeback With "Windy Day"

And the award for the fastest comeback goes to...Oh My Girl! Only a mere two months after releasing my jam "Liar Liar" this eight-piece came back with a repackaged album called "Windy Day" (and this is without counting the follow-up promotions they did with "One Step Two Steps"). This group has been insanely busy and although I really want them to rest I also really like their releases so of course I was looking forward to what "Windy Day" might bring. I didn't know what I expected from the teaser pictures but what I got wasn't even anywhere close to anything I had in mind.

Jun 29, 2016

Glorious Photoshoots - June


Welcome everyone! Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy these lovely and summery June pictorials with all our favorite singers and actors. Got7's visual couple Mark and Junior team up with Céci for this colorful shoot above.

Jun 26, 2016

Video of the Week #24

Nam Woohyun - Last Promise (cover)

I was actually going to post this last week but it hadn't been uploaded onto KBS' international Youtube channel so I had to wait, but here it is better late then ever! Eternal darling Woohyun made an anticipated appearance on "Immortal Song 2", several years after his last stunt on the show, and he blew everyone out of the water this this magnificent cover. I was in shock at how good this emotional performance was and so was the audience, as his score came out to be the highest ever scored by an idol on the show. Well done, babe.

Jun 16, 2016

Early Summer Soloists: Nam Woohyun, Jonghyun And Luna

“Official Website Update - Write.. concept pictures
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Solos for everyone! Hooray! These past two months two very awaited idol group members have been making their solo debuts, and one has been following up his successful one from last year with a first comeback. Yes, I'm talking about Nam Woohyun, Jonghyun and Luna. All of them are great vocalists but have very different styles and images, and all of them are people I truly respect and admire. Jonghyun is as mentioned currently promoting his first full album "She Is", Nam Woohyun has been blowing everyone away with his vocals in "Still I Remember" and Luna is getting to show off just talented she is with "Free Somebody". Three very different artists with different sounds but all of them great in their own special way.

Jun 13, 2016

Another One Bites The Dust: 4Minute Split Up

Here we go again; another expected yet devastating piece of news has reached K-pop fans. After seven years together Cube Entertainment's flagship girl group 4Minute have decided not to renew their contracts and are therefore disbanding. Like I said there is no surprise in this considering Cube's terrible management of them throughout the years and their inability to promote any other member aside from Hyuna. I'm genuinely sad about this, as has been the case with every other girl group issue this year, but I feel almost even more sad about 4Minute because they've been one of my favorite "older" girl groups. They've released so many good songs and have had a concept that I truly have enjoyed, and "Crazy" last year will definitely go down as one of my favorite releases ever. It's such a shame that their company is awful and won't do them justice, and although I know the members have a great bond and teamwork it's probably better for them to split with Cube. In a dream world they'll regroup under a different agency but that's unfortunately unlikely. I just hope they will be happy in whatever they chose to pursue and I will forever remember them as one of the sassiest and coolest girl groups out there.

Now with 4Minute gone Cube only has Beast left to keep their sinking ship afloat, and I know their contracts are expiring pretty soon too so who knows what will happen next. How do you guys feel about this? Do you also blame Cube? What will happen to Cube next?

Monsta X Intrigues (And Confuses) With "All In"

Monsta X is one of those groups that I kind of have a hate-love relationship with, as I'm generally torn between my dislike of their music and my love for the members. They're still fairly new as they debuted only a year ago, but already they've managed to carve out a signature sound that they're making sure of sticking with. EDM-influenced songs with lots of electronic beats and samples in addition to a lot of rapping and instrumental breakdowns has become their thing, and it's honestly not my cup of tea. I've never so far liked their title tracks ("Hero" being the exception although it was actually a follow-up track rather than a title) and although I love watching their variety shows I can't stan them 100%. Now they've come back with "All In" and judging from the teaser pictures it was difficult to make out what concept they were going for, but boy was I surprised when I pressed play on their brand new MV.

Jun 12, 2016

Video of the week #23

Day6's YoungK, Jae and Dowoon - Put Your Records On (Cover)

Three out of five members of one of my absolute favorite rookies Day6 performed this amazing cover of Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" on one of their many appearances on radio show Sukira, and I cannot stop replaying the video. It's so simple and casual but everything about it is just flawless. Jae and YoungK both seem much more comfortable singing in English and while both of their voices are great individually their harmonies is what does it more me. Sub-unit please!

Jun 8, 2016

More Girl Group Member Departures: Miss A & Nine Muses

Earlier in April this year YG announced that Minzy was leaving 2ne1, which left I think no one surprised considering how neglected she's been all these years (and recently the entire group as well), but little did we know it was going to be the beginning of a new epidemic of female idols leaving their respective groups. Last month Miss A's dancing queen Jia decided not to renew her contract with JYP and thus left Miss A, which was also not a surprise but very sad news. Thinking about Miss A and what they could've been makes me furious because they've been done so wrong by their management, and basically every member that isn't Suzy has been more or less left on their own since her solo career shot through the roof.

Jia is such a multi-talented woman with skills in basically all areas and she seems like really sweet person as well, and I will forever be holding a grudge at JYP for not promoting her better (same with both Min and Fei). For her own sake I definitely think leaving Miss A was the best decision as now she can branch into more fields and areas and most certainly the Chinese market. As for the rest of the group JYP has said that the members will be focusing on solo activities and that there are no plans of a group comeback anytime soon, which confirms to me that Miss A is pretty much done for. They could've been a top tier group and now they're barely a group anymore. This will never not upset and anger me.

Speaking of anger towards a management you can't go a post without mentioning Star Empire and their terrible managing of all of their current groups, one of them being one of my favorites; Nine Muses. This group isn't unfamiliar to member changes and I have kind of been ok with it as it has been pretty unavoidable but the fact that Minha and Euaerin are leaving did come as a shock to me. Back in 2013 the group arguably had their best lineup with nine flawless members, but then shortly after Sera, Lee Sam and Eunji left and my heart was broken. However they later came back in 2015 with another killer lineup and I thought that finally the group might settle but no. Now the balance has been rubbed again and I'm not sure how long I can keep this up. Sure my favorite member Kyungri is still around but it's getting exhausting trying to stan this group as it's always changing its rooster. I guess I'll have to wait until their next comeback but I'm certainly not feeling good about this.

What are your guys' opinion about these members leaving their groups and agencies? Who do you think will be next? What will happen to Miss A?

Jun 7, 2016

My KCON Paris 2016 Experience

One of the better events that has come out of the K-pop realm the last five years or so is KCON, a music festival and convention about everything and anything Korean. For the first years it took place only in the US but it has later expanded to other Asian countries like Japan and most recently also Abu Dhabi. It was therefore really surprising that suddenly a KCON in Paris was announced, and with probably one of the best line-ups of groups as well (that and the coming one in LA). My two french friends (whom I met in Korea) and I quickly decided we had to go, and we managed to buy standing tickets to the show, and although it felt like a long wait at the time suddenly it was time for me to fly to France and witness I.O.I, Block B, f(x), F.T Island, BTS and SHINee live in person.

Jun 5, 2016

Video of the Week #22

Got7 - Home Run (Selfie Cam Version)

The follow-up song to "Fly" may never have gotten an actual MV, but this ridiculously cute video of Got7 shooting themselves dancing and lip syncing to "Home Run" definitely makes up for it. You all know I love these boys to bits and although I don't always like their music they're just so fun to watch, but this song is actually really catchy which makes this "performance" even better. Also I just have to point out how adorable Youngjae is in this, like an actual ray of sunshine.