Jun 8, 2016

More Girl Group Member Departures: Miss A & Nine Muses

Earlier in April this year YG announced that Minzy was leaving 2ne1, which left I think no one surprised considering how neglected she's been all these years (and recently the entire group as well), but little did we know it was going to be the beginning of a new epidemic of female idols leaving their respective groups. Last month Miss A's dancing queen Jia decided not to renew her contract with JYP and thus left Miss A, which was also not a surprise but very sad news. Thinking about Miss A and what they could've been makes me furious because they've been done so wrong by their management, and basically every member that isn't Suzy has been more or less left on their own since her solo career shot through the roof.

Jia is such a multi-talented woman with skills in basically all areas and she seems like really sweet person as well, and I will forever be holding a grudge at JYP for not promoting her better (same with both Min and Fei). For her own sake I definitely think leaving Miss A was the best decision as now she can branch into more fields and areas and most certainly the Chinese market. As for the rest of the group JYP has said that the members will be focusing on solo activities and that there are no plans of a group comeback anytime soon, which confirms to me that Miss A is pretty much done for. They could've been a top tier group and now they're barely a group anymore. This will never not upset and anger me.

Speaking of anger towards a management you can't go a post without mentioning Star Empire and their terrible managing of all of their current groups, one of them being one of my favorites; Nine Muses. This group isn't unfamiliar to member changes and I have kind of been ok with it as it has been pretty unavoidable but the fact that Minha and Euaerin are leaving did come as a shock to me. Back in 2013 the group arguably had their best lineup with nine flawless members, but then shortly after Sera, Lee Sam and Eunji left and my heart was broken. However they later came back in 2015 with another killer lineup and I thought that finally the group might settle but no. Now the balance has been rubbed again and I'm not sure how long I can keep this up. Sure my favorite member Kyungri is still around but it's getting exhausting trying to stan this group as it's always changing its rooster. I guess I'll have to wait until their next comeback but I'm certainly not feeling good about this.

What are your guys' opinion about these members leaving their groups and agencies? Who do you think will be next? What will happen to Miss A?

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