Mar 27, 2015

5 MORE Female Idols That Rock Short Hair

Remember my "6 Female Idols That Rock Short Hair" post a while ago?
After some consideration I decided I needed to add some additional idols to turn it into a complete and fulfilled post, since the previous one was lacking a bit in quantity. The male version that I posted recently is packed with hotness and I thought the ladies deserved some updated sexiness too.

AOA's Choa

Although I really like her in longer hair her blonde bob has become her signature look, and for good reasons. Few people can be so captivating and look this amazing with this do.

Miss A's Min

Min has almost always had a shorter hairstyle, and it works magnificently well for her. The few times her hair has been long it looked awkward, but a guess a fierce girl needs a fierce hairstyle.

f(x)'s Luna

I still cannot believe how fantastic this blue-gray bob looked on Luna, and how happy I was that SM finally gave her a haircut that made her stand out like the star she is.


Now I know that IU is a fairy princess that looks pretty every single moment of the day, but when she cut her hair I was in awe of how effortlessly she could transition from long to short.

Nicole Jung

Nicole of ex-Kara fame has worn many variations of hair length of the years, but I think she has had shorter hair for the most part and if you look at the pictures above, can you blame her?

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