Nov 30, 2014

A Pink Are Not Feeling The "Luv"

A Pink - Pink LUV

Why do I always find myself coming back to this group? Their music is really nothing too special and their concepts have become quite bland, but I still seem to worship the ground these 6 ladies walk on. I guess it's the members themselves have really drawn me in and now that I'm caught it's impossible to escape. Not that I want to, though. "Mr Chu" wasn't really my jam so I had higher hopes for this one, especially since Shinsadong Tiger was the one behind it.

Song of the Week #30

SHINee - Password

This song is so...dark? I'm not sure how to explain it, but it certainly has a distinct sound and style that I'm crazy about. The subtle rock elements and gloomy chord structure provides a certain spooky feeling to that fits this group amazingly. Seeing it performed live also raises the chill-inducing factor by like a thousand times.

Nov 27, 2014

BAP Files Lawsuit Against TS Entertainment, The Curse Of 2014 Continues


Well, I guess we all saw it coming didn't we? I can't say I'm surprised mainly because I feel like I've already experienced the worst shocks of the year, and also because of BAP's recent hiatus announcement as well as other hints here and there. To be fair, I don't think any other company has milked a group for money more than what TS has done with BAP. They had what, like 6 comebacks their first year, and have continuously been sent abroad on tours without as much as a month's rest.

All I can say is that I'm happy they're doing it as a group rather than one member taking up the battle on their own, and I hope that they can join another company that'll treat them better.

Nov 26, 2014

T-ara's "Little Apple" Is The Best Thing To Have Seen The Light This Horrible Year

I had no idea what this was when I first heard the news, and as stupid as I am I didn't bother to look up these "Chopstick Brothers" and this song of theirs that apparently was a big hit in China. The concept also looked way too much like Crayon Pop's for "Bar Bar Bar" and I was wondering what they had gotten themselves into. Turns out this collaboration between the two artists is the best thing I've seen in a really long time.

Nov 21, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (30-21)

Without further ado; here are the next 10 idols on my 50 most beautiful list. We're getting closer and closer to the top!

30. Red Velvet's Wendy

The Red Velvet members are hard to tell apart, I know, but thankfully they helped us ease the process by dying the hairs different colors. Wendy didn't stand out to me at first but now that I've gotten to know her better I really like her, and I think she's incredibly pretty.

29. Sistar's Bora

On top of having a gorgeous face, this woman also has one of the best bodies in the industry. Once again I'm proved how unfair life is, because everything she is is so far away from my reality that it makes me wonder what I did wrong in my previous life.

28. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon
SNSD Taeyeon Ceci Magazine 2014

Oh, Taeyeon. I don't know how to feel about you because you seem like such a complex, multi-dimensional person and I'm not sure I like all sides of you. I do think you have a couple of great qualities though, and one of them, apart from your vocals, is your beautiful face.

27. After Schools' UEE

One of the things I like the most about Uee is that she has a very likable personality. She's calm and collected, very easy-going and has a friendly output so it's hard not to grow some interest in her. I went from not liking her at all to suddenly finding her as beautiful as she really is.

26. Sistar's Hyorin
Sistar - Sweet and SourSistar19 - Ceci Magazine March Issue ‘13

Hyorin is fabulous, simply put. She can sing like nobody else in the industry, has some serious dance skills and isn't too bad at rapping either. I find everything about her gorgeous, from her face and smile to her incredible body that I wish I could call my own.

25. A Pink's Naeun

Naeun's position as the visual of A Pink is really nothing to debate, as anyone can recognize her timeless beauty. I do think she is getting more beautiful with age though, as all the members of the group, and I think she will continue to wow the fans with her stunning looks.

24. T-ara's Jiyeon

The thing about Jiyeon is that her eyes are really unique, and while some might find them distracting and off-putting I think it makes her more appealing. However I do think she is a lot prettier now than what she was when she was younger, so the future is indeed looking bright.

23. Nine Muses' Kyungri

I'm sure that if you look up the word "hot" in the dictionary, the name "Park Kyungri" will be written right next to it. This lady just oozes sex appeal without having to do basically anything, but that's her gift to the world and we all should embrace with thankfulness.

22. Red Velvet's Irene

It's funny how your thoughts change so drastically, as I literally went from having no interest in Irene at all to her being my second bias in Red Velvet. She is honestly just so pretty I don't even know where to start with her perfect little plastic face. I know it can't be real but I don't care a single bit.

21. Secret's Jieun

By far the prettiest and most talented in her group, Jieun deserves every single moment in the spotlight. I'm so happy TS is letting her perform as a solo artist, because the world needs to see her and her awesomeness.

Nov 19, 2014

Woollim's First Girl Group Lovelyz Make Their Awaited Debut

Lovelyz - Girls’ Invasion

There has been talk of the "Woollim Girls" for a very long time now, and many people were eagerly awaiting the female version of Infinite. I personally didn't anticipate it all too much but I wasn't dreading it either. I was quite neutral, you could say. However, now that Lovelyz has finally arrived, my feelings are certainly mixed.

Nov 17, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (40-31)

Fasten your seat-belts ladies and gentlemen, as the ranking of my personal 50 most beautiful ladies continues!

40. AOA's Yuna

How Yuna isn't this groups visual is beyond my knowledge. I would think that it'd be obvious for literally anyone to see that she's clearly the pretties in the group. I do seriously miss her blonde hair though, and I'm still pissed at whoever decided to give her that ugly bob for "Short Hair".

39. Nine Muses' Hyuna

My love for this wonderful woman is so deep, it's hard to express. I admire her so much and I relate to her on a personal level and I want nothing but the best for her and the rest of the group. With all the craziness surrounding them, I hope they can settle soon and come back to the stage.

38. Rainbow's Jaekyung

I remember first seeing this inspirational woman on a talk show where she was up against another female in a male guest's "ideal type world cup", and I thought that he would be stupid not to pick her. That opinion still stands.

37. A Pink's Chorong

Chorong has become such a gorgeous lady these days. There is really a huge difference between how she looks now compared to when A Pink debuted. I would say she's definitely the one in the group that has matured the most, and I think she will only become more and more beautiful.

36. Miss A's Fei

I honestly can't understand why Fei isn't more popular in her group. I suppose she does looks a bit exotic and doesn't necessarily fit the standards of classical beauty in South Korea, but in my opinion that's what makes her so beautiful.

35. Red Velvet's Seulgi

I'm almost willing to believe that Seulgi is the first female idol in SM that has natural, non-tapered-with single eyelids, and that's a huge accomplishment. Many have compared her to former Wonder Girl Sohee, but I personally think Seulgi is heaps ahead in the looks department.

34. After School's Lizzy

Lizzy with the right styling and makeup is glorious indeed, She is such a beautiful, funny and sweet girl but for some reasons her stylists seem to be always working against her. I want this kind of Lizzy back, and as soon as possible please!

33. A Pink's Bomi

You could not believe the struggle I faced trying to find a pretty picture of this lady where she's not doing some weird facial expression or pose. But that's why we love her so much, isn't it? She always manages to put a smile on my face with her easy-going personality and cute charms.

32. Lee Hyori

There are many ways to describe Hyori, but I can only really think of one word: "Queen". She is such a role model to me and I'm sure many other young girls, as she has shown me that you can be beautiful and talented yet still down-to-earth, independent and powerful.

31. Kara's Gyuri

Continuing with another queen, a self-proclaimed one even. Although Gyuri's "goddess persona" is just as fake as any other variety character, she still holds herself with grace and pride, which I hugely admire.

Nov 16, 2014

Song of the Week #29

Lovelyz - Goodbye Like Yesterday

Despite all the controversy, I happen to really like this song. The title track is bland, but this is actually beautiful and I think I'm already starting to develop a bias in Baby Soul. Also, don't this group totally give you the impression of being a Japanese girl group? Could it be that we have our first J-pop inspired group in K-pop?

Nov 13, 2014

AOA Steal My Heart in "Like A Cat"

AOA - Like A Cat

So, I wasn't super excited about AOA's comeback and I still won't call myself a big fan of their music because Brave Brothers, but there's just something about them that makes me come back every single time. I didn't particularly like "Miniskirt" and although I liked "Short Hair" better it still didn't do it enough for me music-wise. This new song however, I LOVE.

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (50-41)

The time has finally come, guys. Now take in mind that these are all my personal opinions and if yours differ than that's fine. Remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

50. AOA's Seolhyun

I certainly don't think she's as pretty as some people make her out to be, but definitely pretty enought to earn a spot on this list. I would say her personality helped a lot too, as I find her quite endearing, and her body is smoking hot.

49. Rainbow's No Eul

This girl is a lot prettier than what she gets credit for, which is shame, but than again the entire group falls under the same category. I really don't know too much about her either but she stood out to me right away when I first encountered Rainbow during their "Tell Me Tell Me" promotions.

48. Hello Venus' Nara

I'm not lying when I say her smile is one of my favorites ever. Seriously, she looks so radiant when she smiles it lights up the room. Now that Hello Venus has returned with two new members I'm hoping they might gain some more recognition, and I hope Nara will be officially acknowledged as Korea's new smiling angel.

47. A Pink's Hayoung

Not only does she have a unique face but she also has, by far, the greatest body out of A Pink which earns her major bonus points. Her strength lies in her easily distinguishable look that sets her apart from her band members. She's also a 96-liner like me, but that totally hasn't affected my decision at all.

46. Fiestar's Jei

Jei kind of looks like a hamster to me, a cute one of course, and especially when she smiles. I think it's the teeth that makes it. However, she is very pretty and stands out the most in her group that's full of pretty members. If only they where a bit more popular.

45. Crayon Pop's Ellin

Ellin is just crazy pretty. I don't understand why people aren't going nuts about her because she's the most gorgeous thing ever. Her smile is like kittens and unicorns and she has an amazing personality that's both funny and sweet.

44. AOA's Hyejeong

There's an obvious reason as to why Hyejeong is the second face of the group next to Seolhyun. I don't know if you've been put under her spell yet but if you haven't I can guarantee you it won't be long until you are.

43. IU

IU's image wasn't always a favorite of mine, but with her jazzy album "Modern Times" she really turned me into a fan. I loved seeing this mature, grown-up side of hers and I honestly think she's getting more and more beautiful each day that passes.

42. BoA

Life must run by so smoothly for this lovely lady. Can you imagine being that talented in dancing and singing and looking incredibly beautiful at the same time? No, me neither. God certainly doesn't create us all equal.

41. Rainbow's Woori

Is Woori hot? Yes, yes and yes. I was extremely upset when she cut her sexy locks off for "Tell Me Tell Me" as I didn't think it suited her image at all, but I think she's growing it out again. Such a beautiful woman deserves some long, sleek hair.