Nov 13, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (50-41)

The time has finally come, guys. Now take in mind that these are all my personal opinions and if yours differ than that's fine. Remember that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

50. AOA's Seolhyun

I certainly don't think she's as pretty as some people make her out to be, but definitely pretty enought to earn a spot on this list. I would say her personality helped a lot too, as I find her quite endearing, and her body is smoking hot.

49. Rainbow's No Eul

This girl is a lot prettier than what she gets credit for, which is shame, but than again the entire group falls under the same category. I really don't know too much about her either but she stood out to me right away when I first encountered Rainbow during their "Tell Me Tell Me" promotions.

48. Hello Venus' Nara

I'm not lying when I say her smile is one of my favorites ever. Seriously, she looks so radiant when she smiles it lights up the room. Now that Hello Venus has returned with two new members I'm hoping they might gain some more recognition, and I hope Nara will be officially acknowledged as Korea's new smiling angel.

47. A Pink's Hayoung

Not only does she have a unique face but she also has, by far, the greatest body out of A Pink which earns her major bonus points. Her strength lies in her easily distinguishable look that sets her apart from her band members. She's also a 96-liner like me, but that totally hasn't affected my decision at all.

46. Fiestar's Jei

Jei kind of looks like a hamster to me, a cute one of course, and especially when she smiles. I think it's the teeth that makes it. However, she is very pretty and stands out the most in her group that's full of pretty members. If only they where a bit more popular.

45. Crayon Pop's Ellin

Ellin is just crazy pretty. I don't understand why people aren't going nuts about her because she's the most gorgeous thing ever. Her smile is like kittens and unicorns and she has an amazing personality that's both funny and sweet.

44. AOA's Hyejeong

There's an obvious reason as to why Hyejeong is the second face of the group next to Seolhyun. I don't know if you've been put under her spell yet but if you haven't I can guarantee you it won't be long until you are.

43. IU

IU's image wasn't always a favorite of mine, but with her jazzy album "Modern Times" she really turned me into a fan. I loved seeing this mature, grown-up side of hers and I honestly think she's getting more and more beautiful each day that passes.

42. BoA

Life must run by so smoothly for this lovely lady. Can you imagine being that talented in dancing and singing and looking incredibly beautiful at the same time? No, me neither. God certainly doesn't create us all equal.

41. Rainbow's Woori

Is Woori hot? Yes, yes and yes. I was extremely upset when she cut her sexy locks off for "Tell Me Tell Me" as I didn't think it suited her image at all, but I think she's growing it out again. Such a beautiful woman deserves some long, sleek hair.

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