Oct 31, 2015

Glorious Photoshoots - October Round-Up

[MAGAZINE] A Pink Chorong – Sure Magazine October Issue ‘15 2400x2821[MAGAZINE] A Pink Chorong – Sure Magazine October Issue ‘15 2400x3226

Welcome to the October photoshoot round-up everyone! This month we've truly entered the fall season, at least where I live, and it does show in most of the included photoshoots as well. Above we have A Pink's leader Chorong, who looks gorgeous for Sure. 

Oct 30, 2015

SNS Friday #3 - The Halloween Edition

SM's annual Halloween party is one of my yearly highlights, because everyone always has amazing costumes. Thus will this week's SNS Friday mostly include pictures either from the party or other Halloween photos, but I promise there will be some pretty selcas near the end as well! Above we see Tiffany takes a picture with the members of Red Velvet, who all look adorable.  

Oct 29, 2015

TBT - Kara's "Rock U"

Released: July 25, 2008

This was the very first Kara single featuring Hara and Jiyoung, who were added to the group as original member Sunghee had left to study, and this addition truly did wonders for them. I suppose it helped that they switched concepts as well, as "Rock U" wasn't too similar to their debut songs. You can say whatever you want about the MV, and I think it's kind of cute although a bit alarmingly childish, but the song is so catchy. I can't help but shamelessly love it.

Oct 28, 2015

Twice's "Like Ooh-Aah" Might Not Be The Zombie Apocalypse We Were Hoping For But It's Still Pretty Damn Awesome

The day we've all been waiting for is finally here; Twice's debut. It's a day that will be remembered as Twice will go on to become the next it girl group in South Korea, continuing the legacy of their legendary sunbaes: Wonder Girls and Miss A. It's been five years since JYP Entertainment debuted their last girl group, so of course the members of Twice have much to live up to. Coming from the same agency that produced legendary hits like "Tell Me", "Nobody" and "Bad Girl, Good Girl" you can say the pressure was on for this group to create equally amazing music. With debut song "Like Ooh-Aah" it's pretty clear that Twice are already on the right path. 

Oct 26, 2015

New Zealand Is Beautiful, And So Is Taeyeon's "I"

It's honestly a bit strange how it long it has taken for one Girls' Generation member to release a solo album. I mean, even groups with a shorter lifespan have members with solo releases, and none of them are as influential as SNSD anyway. However if there was one member of this group that was meant to have an album of their own it is Taeyeon, for obvious reasons. Not only did she vocally carry eight other members for years before others such as Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun could catch up, but she's by far the most skilled out of all of them. With a voice like that she truly deserved music of her own to perform, and now she finally does.

Oct 25, 2015

f(x) Are Going To Be The Death Of Me AKA My Heart Can't Handle The Teasers


Who allowed this? WHO? I NEED ANSWERS.

[OFFICIAL] F(x) Victoria – Concept Photo For ‘4 Walls’ 1351x2000[OFFICIAL] F(x) Luna – Concept Photo For ‘4 Walls’ 1351x2000

Are they even real?

[OFFICIAL] F(x) Krystal – Concept Photo For ‘4 Walls’ 1333x2000[OFFICIAL] F(x) Amber – Concept Photo For ‘4 Walls’ 1333x2000

I can't with these flawless aesthetics.


And now group teasers? I'm dead and gone.


I have officially passed away now. Bye.

Oct 24, 2015

Seventeen Go Back To School In MV For "Mansae"

Seventeen are back!
I'm so happy these boys are having a great first year with the release of both their debut single "Adore You" and album "17 Carat", which charted for several weeks on Billboard's World Album's chart and peaked at number eight. If not domestically than definitely internationally these boys have gained many fans around the world, and for good reasons. I personally loved their debut track and the fresh, youthful and playful energy they brought to each and every stage performance, and all the boys are so talented. You'd think being 13 members would mean some of them getting forgotten or lost but that isn't the case here, and now they're back with "Mansae" to prove once again how skilled they are.

Oct 23, 2015

SNS Friday #2

This year I've really started liking Mina, and this picture only deepens my girl crush. 

Flawless visual Naeun looks gorgeous with her current hairdo, although I do miss the blonde.

This is one of the many photos Dowoon and Junhyeok took together this week. They're so cute!

Luna shares a pic with the rest of f(x) in a classroom. I wonder what they're up to...

Pretty boys Jinyoung and Baro take a selca together.

Hyeri shares a photo from the concept photoshoot for "Ring My Bell" and she looks amazing.

The boys, or should I say men, of 2PM doing what they do best; goofing around.

Dongwoo is as hot as the coffee (?) he's holding. God I miss Infinite!

Ett foto publicerat av @kxxhara

A fresh, baby-faced Hara makes an appearance with her equally cute cat.

Trendy boy Sungjae looks as handsome as ever.

Twice take a backstage photo to celebrate their debut stage. You go girls!

Taeyeon posts another beautiful picture from her New Zealand shoot.

The always so beautiful Minha makes an appreciated appearance.

Yugyeom is the lucky one out (or unlucky) for this Avengers cosplay.

Can Sunmi look anything other than mindblowingly amazing? I don't think so.

I'm in love with this black and white photo of Jia, who looks stunning.

 Key showcases his flawless self backstage at Seoul Fashion Week.

It's a visual overdose with Nana and Hani in the same picture. I love it!

Oct 22, 2015

BtoB Wins #1 On Show Champion, What?

I literally came home yesterday to see that the boys of BtoB just won their first number 1 spot on a music show, and I could not believe my eyes. I'm so happy because this group is so talented and although I don't actively follow them anymore it made my day to see their first win. This group has been around for three and a half years, jumping between different concepts and musical styles without truly finding big success outside their own fandom. Now with their first win, however, that might be changing. And by the way, the reason I wrote "what?" in the title isn't because I don't think they deserve winning because I absolutely do, but because I haven't read anything that would indicate a win (impressive digital or physical sales for example). Because of this I was very surprised, and judging from the video below it appears the members were as well.

Congratulations boys!

Oct 21, 2015

F(x) Are Coming Back Once And For All With Fourth Album "4Walls"


From this exact date (October 21, 2015) all the way to the 26th, f(x) will be hosting an actual art exhibit as a promotional tactic for their upcoming fourth album. I'm genuinely really excited as to what it might be and also how SM this time is actually spending some money on their comeback. I don't know if they've realized that like with SNSD, promoting the group correctly after losing a member is really important for the company. Anyhow I seriously hope that f(x) will come back and save K-pop once again, like they've done the past two years.

Their new album will be released October 27, and I can't wait. I love this group so freaking much and even if this is their last album before the members' contracts expire next year I am ready for everything that's about to come.

All I have to say is: BRING IT ON.

Oct 20, 2015

Lovelyz Continue Down Their Sweet, Bubbly Path With "Ah-Choo"

Klicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlek

After debuting and coming back without one original member; the girls of Lovelyz have finally returned as eight. Member Seo Jisoo was caught in a huge scandal right before the group's debut, and it still remains not entirely solved as to this day. I personally felt quite upset when the scandal erupted, as you may remember, but a lot has happened since and since the case has been so confusing I don't quite know what to believe anymore. Nonetheless it seems at least Woollim thought it was time to let Jisoo back into the group, and now they've come back with yet another cute and feminine song; "Ah-Choo".

Oct 19, 2015

Got7 Present To You The Cutest Video You'll See All Week

These boys give me all the feels right now. I don't know how I became such Got7 trash but lately I've been obsessed with this group (and by lately I mean since their latest comeback). In this short video brought to you by the V App, the boys answer some questions about which member has been a certain way during the past week; such as dirtiest, most loyal and most handsome. I just love how close this group is and how great their chemistry is, and I feel like I could honestly watch them just play around for hours without getting bored.

Oct 18, 2015

Video of the Week #13

Lovelyz - Ah-Choo (Acoustic Version) 

Thanks to this lovely little app called V, which I think you've all heard of, we get to experience these kind of precious moments with our favorite idols. Lovelyz sat down and performed multiple songs, but this acoustic version of "Ah-Choo", with Sujeong on the guitar, was the one that stood out to me the most. The girls all sound lovely (pun intended) and their harmonies are no joke. Keep it up, girls!

Oct 16, 2015

So WINNER Are Currently In MY COUNTRY And I Am Panicking


I'm freaking out right now because apparently Winner, who are currently one some kind of Europe trip, have been spotted in Stockholm. The capital of my country. I mean, I used to live only an hour from there but now I live about an eight hour drive away from where I could have potentially seen them in real life! I'm going crazy right now. What are they even doing here? Music video shoot, pictorial, recording their new material? I WANT TO KNOW.

Sorry for being so dramatic but don't pretend you wouldn't have acted exactly the same if you found out that one of your bias groups was in your freaking country!


Please YG, give us a comeback soon. I'm dying over here. 

Jonghyun's Hair Is Dark(er) Again And I'm Probably More Excited About That Than I Should Be

YES. That's literally all I have to say about this. I loved his silver hair initially but it needed to go, and this kind of light ash brown color suits him like crazy. I may be falling back in love with him all over again. He's currently holding multiple solo concerts to promote his entirely self-composed compilation album "Story Op.1", and today he showed up with a new hair color, looking happier and healthier than ever. I haven't been talking much about his new album because while I do adore him to bits, I don't feel the same way about his music. It doesn't matter much though because as long as he does what makes him happy I'm happy too.

Here, have a cute Jjong doing some backstage chatting. Literally the sweetest person on earth.

SNS Friday #1

I've wanted to do this for quite some time now but I didn't really know how to present it up until now. I imagined a weekly recap of some sorts of my favorite social media, or SNS, pictures from idols that have been posted during the week. This is my first attempt, and I don't know how it'll pan out but at least I gave it an honest shot if it would turn out not to be successful. My primary source will be Instagram, naturally, but also Twitter and occasionally Weibo. Let's see how this goes!


Kyuline sipping out of fanmade cups. They look cute both as anime characters and real life people.

Oct 15, 2015

TBT - Rainbow's "A"

Released: March 5, 2011

I'm honestly still bitter that this was, and still is, the main highlight of Rainbow's career. When "A" was released it was actually, as I've understood, quite popular in South Korea, and rightfully so. It's one of my favorite songs of theirs and favorite K-pop songs in general, and I remember being mesmerized by it when I first watched the video. Imagine what position they would have been in right now had DSP not been terrible at managing them. It's painful, really.

Oct 12, 2015

Oh My Girl Returns With The Magical, Whimsical And Absolutely Beautiful "Closer"

After splashing their way onto the K-pop scene back in April earlier this year, Oh My Girl are back with an upgraded image and concept. This eight-member girl group debuted with the cute, fun and energetic "Cupid", which I liked quite a lot and could already back then see potential in this group. The vocals were great, the dancing was sharp and synchronized and all the members were super pretty. When I saw the teasers for their comeback I was both surprised and excited. This time it seemed they were taking a different route than the cute and romantic angel-inspired concept, and this change of direction is what makes this comeback so unbelievably spectacular.

Oct 10, 2015

Got7 Comes Back Dark And Angsty With The Awesome "If You Do"


GOT7 “MAD” Concept Photos (HD)

After making their comeback only a couple of months ago with the uplifting and inspring "Just Right", the boys of Got7 are back once again with a drastic change in concept. After going through several promotional cycles since their debut this is the first time they've truly switched up their image, which is exciting. All of their prior releases have been slightly different from each other but have all had a playful, boyish and more or less positive vibe to them. With "If You Do" however the mood is drastically different, as the members find themselves stuck in an unhealthy relationship.

Oct 9, 2015

AOA's Hyejeong Wears The Most Amazing T-shirt Ever; Becomes New Feminist Icon

So, pictures of AOA's Hyejeong from what looks like a shoot of the new reality competition "Mash Up", which she is competing in with SNSD's Hyoyeon among others, stirred up quite some amusing reactions the other day. In the photos Hyejeong is wearing a t-shirt with a pretty radical message; "My pussy, my rules". It's safe to assume that she wasn't wearing it because of the feminist statement because South Korea isn't all about that, and it's not really appropriate for an idol either, but it doesn't make it any less amazing. She also happens to look nothing less but breathtaking, but then again she is undoubtedly AOA's prettiest member (in my opinion, don't freak out guys!) so what else is there to expect?

Does anyone know where this shirt is from by the way? I kind of want to get one of my own. 

Oct 7, 2015

Twice Releases Debut Teaser Photo - Get Ready To Stan The New Divine Nine!

We've got a date! I'm ridiculously excited for this brand new JYP group to debut, and have been ever since their reality show "Sixteen". I honestly don't think the outcome could've been any better either, with a final member line-up that was almost exactly as I had hoped it would be. Now however after some time has passed I am perfectly satisfied with all the nine members in the group.

On the 20th of October it appears they will make their grand debut, which just seems like too far away right now. I wonder what their concept will be like and what music they will put out. If it's anything like "Do It Again" I will be extremely happy because I loved that song and performance. There's so much talent and potenial in this group, so let's just all pray that JYP won't screw it up. JYP has, however, had a pretty great year so far, so that at least makes me hopeful this will be great as well.

What do you guys think? Are you as excited as I am about Twice's upcoming debut?

Oct 6, 2015

Got7 Wins First Ever #1 On "The Show". Congratulations Boys!


I'm so happy for Got7 right now. Although the win might have been on "The Show", a cable program famous for giving out awards to less known groups that aren't doing specifically well on the charts, it's still a huge deal for this group. They debuted a little over one and a half year ago and have made several comebacks, and despite having built up a pretty big fanbase they still haven't been able to score a win on a weekly music show. As sad as that might be I'm actually happy they won now and not sooner, because "If You Do" has proven to be their best comeback as of yet. And yes, a review is on its way, I promise!

Here's to many more wins for this amazing group. I love these boys so much.


My Prayers Have Been Answered! Nana Is Blonde Again And Everything Is Beautiful

So, Orange Caramel performed at the opening ceremony of Ulsan the 50th National Skills Competition yesterday (I don't know what that is, and I couldn't care less) and despite looking lovely as usual, apart from the clothes perhaps, they also surprised fans with a sudden hair-change.


Nana, as you may know, is one of my ultimate female biases ever, and while I think she looks gorgeous is whatever hair color I have really missed her blonde hair. She went brunette after years of being blonde about two years ago, and since then she's sported a much darker color. Having the face and body she does it's impossible for her not to look amazing, but with the blonde hair she's not only one but about a thousand levels above everyone else. Blonde hair takes her from gorgeous to goddess.

Probably the change is because of the upcoming Orange Caramel comeback, which I'm also very excited about, and although I would have loved to have her hair long as well I'll take this blonde haircut over everything else. Finally my divine queen is back in her most powerful form and I can't wait for her to go out there and slay all the competition.


Nana posted some pictures on Instagram. I'm dead



Oct 5, 2015

Two More "Little Sister" Groups Debut In The Form Of April & Dia

The K-pop market is as of now very populated. There are a ridiculous amount of groups and new ones are debuting what feels like every other day. Naturally this means that it's difficult for companies to get the names of their groups out there, especially ones that are less well known. However recently a new phenomenon has arisen, because with so many new girl groups debuting these last two years some of them have been referred to as "little sister groups". This means they're debuting with a company already housing one or several other semi-popular groups and are using their names to get the new groups publicity. It happened with Lovelyz, Oh My Girl and Sonamoo, and now there are two more. Meet April, Kara's little sisters, and Dia, T-ara's younger siblings.

A Live Version of Day6's "Colors" Surfaces The Web; Let's Celebrate!

I have been craving this ever since I first heard the song on Day6's awesome debut album "The Day". "Colors" is such an amazing, beautiful and powerful track and the sound of the song is just right up my alley. The boys recently performed at Zandari Festa, South Korea's biggest music showcase festival (which in itself is huge for them), and they played "Colors". I've been watching this performance so many times now because although the sound quality of the video isn't spectacular you can still hear how great they are.

There were also a few solo fancams, which I'm thankful for of course, and the ones that stood out to me the most were (as expected) Sungjin's and YoungK's. I literally cannot get over how amazing Sungjin's voice is and how impressed I am by his vocal control. He easily sounds the most stable out of all of them. And YoungK, well, let's just say I'm slightly smitten by him. Just slightly.

Oct 4, 2015

Song of the Week #50

Song Mino - Fear (Ft. Taeyang) on Show Me The Money 4

As you may or may not know (most probably the former), Winner's very own Mino was a contestant on the fourth season of Show Me The Money. I did not follow the show because it's messy and embarrassing, so it was by accident I came across this performance from the semi-finals. "Fear" is one of the best song's I've heard all year, period. This is rap done right, as it's both emotionally evoking and incredibly heartfelt, and Minho pours his heart out in this performance. This has been on repeat ever since I heard it. Amazing.