Oct 23, 2015

SNS Friday #2

This year I've really started liking Mina, and this picture only deepens my girl crush. 

Flawless visual Naeun looks gorgeous with her current hairdo, although I do miss the blonde.

This is one of the many photos Dowoon and Junhyeok took together this week. They're so cute!

Luna shares a pic with the rest of f(x) in a classroom. I wonder what they're up to...

Pretty boys Jinyoung and Baro take a selca together.

Hyeri shares a photo from the concept photoshoot for "Ring My Bell" and she looks amazing.

The boys, or should I say men, of 2PM doing what they do best; goofing around.

Dongwoo is as hot as the coffee (?) he's holding. God I miss Infinite!

Ett foto publicerat av @kxxhara

A fresh, baby-faced Hara makes an appearance with her equally cute cat.

Trendy boy Sungjae looks as handsome as ever.

Twice take a backstage photo to celebrate their debut stage. You go girls!

Taeyeon posts another beautiful picture from her New Zealand shoot.

The always so beautiful Minha makes an appreciated appearance.

Yugyeom is the lucky one out (or unlucky) for this Avengers cosplay.

Can Sunmi look anything other than mindblowingly amazing? I don't think so.

I'm in love with this black and white photo of Jia, who looks stunning.

 Key showcases his flawless self backstage at Seoul Fashion Week.

It's a visual overdose with Nana and Hani in the same picture. I love it!

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