Oct 22, 2015

BtoB Wins #1 On Show Champion, What?

I literally came home yesterday to see that the boys of BtoB just won their first number 1 spot on a music show, and I could not believe my eyes. I'm so happy because this group is so talented and although I don't actively follow them anymore it made my day to see their first win. This group has been around for three and a half years, jumping between different concepts and musical styles without truly finding big success outside their own fandom. Now with their first win, however, that might be changing. And by the way, the reason I wrote "what?" in the title isn't because I don't think they deserve winning because I absolutely do, but because I haven't read anything that would indicate a win (impressive digital or physical sales for example). Because of this I was very surprised, and judging from the video below it appears the members were as well.

Congratulations boys!

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