Oct 21, 2015

F(x) Are Coming Back Once And For All With Fourth Album "4Walls"


From this exact date (October 21, 2015) all the way to the 26th, f(x) will be hosting an actual art exhibit as a promotional tactic for their upcoming fourth album. I'm genuinely really excited as to what it might be and also how SM this time is actually spending some money on their comeback. I don't know if they've realized that like with SNSD, promoting the group correctly after losing a member is really important for the company. Anyhow I seriously hope that f(x) will come back and save K-pop once again, like they've done the past two years.

Their new album will be released October 27, and I can't wait. I love this group so freaking much and even if this is their last album before the members' contracts expire next year I am ready for everything that's about to come.

All I have to say is: BRING IT ON.

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