Oct 16, 2015

Jonghyun's Hair Is Dark(er) Again And I'm Probably More Excited About That Than I Should Be

YES. That's literally all I have to say about this. I loved his silver hair initially but it needed to go, and this kind of light ash brown color suits him like crazy. I may be falling back in love with him all over again. He's currently holding multiple solo concerts to promote his entirely self-composed compilation album "Story Op.1", and today he showed up with a new hair color, looking happier and healthier than ever. I haven't been talking much about his new album because while I do adore him to bits, I don't feel the same way about his music. It doesn't matter much though because as long as he does what makes him happy I'm happy too.

Here, have a cute Jjong doing some backstage chatting. Literally the sweetest person on earth.

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