Oct 30, 2015

SNS Friday #3 - The Halloween Edition

SM's annual Halloween party is one of my yearly highlights, because everyone always has amazing costumes. Thus will this week's SNS Friday mostly include pictures either from the party or other Halloween photos, but I promise there will be some pretty selcas near the end as well! Above we see Tiffany takes a picture with the members of Red Velvet, who all look adorable.  

Best friends Sulli and Heechul step out on the red carpet.

Seohyun shows off her villainous costume.

Yoona and Yuri look super cute in their couple costumes. Yoonyul forever!

Inbäddad bildlänk

Three out of five SHINee members join forces for an interesting selca.

Hyoyeon and Yeri snap a cute photo together.

Luna and Jonghyun both look creepy, but Luna's costume is genuinely scary.

It's a fast food Halloween combo as McDonald's and KFC both appear at the party.

Sooyoung has the most creative costume in the form of Sadness from Disney's "Inside Out"

Minha dresses up as a (dead?) bride, and looks gorgeous.

Hyemi becomes a beautiful Snow White.

Woori and Jisook snap a cute selca in their respective costumes.


The boys of BTS show off her Halloween costumes. How cute is Jin as a pumpkin though?

Not a SNS picture, but I had to include Twice dressed up in Hogwarts uniforms. Cuties.

EDIT: They did later upload an Instagram photo as well and they're just so adorable.

Now over to some hot and sexy selcas...


N hides half his face yet still manages to look hot. His hands are giving me life too.

Hani looks like a doll, but what else is new?

I cannot get over how unbelievably beautiful Kyungri is, seriously.


The best sisters in showbiz aka Jessica and Krystal post a cute selca.

Key needs to always have this hairstyle. He looks amazing.

YoungK in Jae's signature glasses? Yup, still hot.

We find another super attractive guy in Mark, who honestly just needs to stop.

The always so gorgeous Yubin blesses us with her face.

Last but not least we have Siwon, who serves some daddy realness. God he's sexy.

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