Oct 5, 2015

A Live Version of Day6's "Colors" Surfaces The Web; Let's Celebrate!

I have been craving this ever since I first heard the song on Day6's awesome debut album "The Day". "Colors" is such an amazing, beautiful and powerful track and the sound of the song is just right up my alley. The boys recently performed at Zandari Festa, South Korea's biggest music showcase festival (which in itself is huge for them), and they played "Colors". I've been watching this performance so many times now because although the sound quality of the video isn't spectacular you can still hear how great they are.

There were also a few solo fancams, which I'm thankful for of course, and the ones that stood out to me the most were (as expected) Sungjin's and YoungK's. I literally cannot get over how amazing Sungjin's voice is and how impressed I am by his vocal control. He easily sounds the most stable out of all of them. And YoungK, well, let's just say I'm slightly smitten by him. Just slightly.

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