Oct 6, 2015

My Prayers Have Been Answered! Nana Is Blonde Again And Everything Is Beautiful

So, Orange Caramel performed at the opening ceremony of Ulsan the 50th National Skills Competition yesterday (I don't know what that is, and I couldn't care less) and despite looking lovely as usual, apart from the clothes perhaps, they also surprised fans with a sudden hair-change.


Nana, as you may know, is one of my ultimate female biases ever, and while I think she looks gorgeous is whatever hair color I have really missed her blonde hair. She went brunette after years of being blonde about two years ago, and since then she's sported a much darker color. Having the face and body she does it's impossible for her not to look amazing, but with the blonde hair she's not only one but about a thousand levels above everyone else. Blonde hair takes her from gorgeous to goddess.

Probably the change is because of the upcoming Orange Caramel comeback, which I'm also very excited about, and although I would have loved to have her hair long as well I'll take this blonde haircut over everything else. Finally my divine queen is back in her most powerful form and I can't wait for her to go out there and slay all the competition.


Nana posted some pictures on Instagram. I'm dead



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