Nov 10, 2014

Lovelyz' Jisoo Is A Criminal, Apparantely

Oh, 2014. How you continue to surprise me with your never ending tricks. I thought we were done, that things couldn't get any worse, but I guess I was wrong. This time however, it's not SM that's in trouble. Well, not entirely anyway. Since Woollim has merged with a SM subsidiary I guess you could say that the SM curse of 2014 is continuing its streak to create scandals in the K-pop world.

Lovelyz - Girls’ Invasion
It feels like it's been forever from when rumors and speculations about an upcoming Woollim girl group first appeared, and now we're finally getting a debut. Yes, their name is horrible and all kinds of wrong, but I'm not judging them yet until I hear their music. I do, however, judge Woollim for handling this newest scandal involving member Jisoo in the worst manner possible. I'm not going to go over the accusations as you can find a more detailed description elsewhere, but if it's true, which I might think it is, there's some serious business going down. It's not a question about being an iljin, because that's a pretty common alleged back-story of many idols, but it's actual criminality we're talking about if the rumors are confirmed to be true.

If I were the CEO of Woollim, which I'm not but I'd seriously do a much better job at sorting out this mess, I would get rid of the girl right now. It doesn't really matter if the accusations are true or not, having a rumor as serious as this will ruin the reputation of not only the group itself, but of the entire company including all the other artists. My plan of action would be to postpone the debut, take Jisoo out of the group as well has rerecording and re-shooting everything. Redo everything and do it better next time, or as we say in swedish: "Gör om, gör rätt".

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