Nov 30, 2014

A Pink Are Not Feeling The "Luv"

A Pink - Pink LUV

Why do I always find myself coming back to this group? Their music is really nothing too special and their concepts have become quite bland, but I still seem to worship the ground these 6 ladies walk on. I guess it's the members themselves have really drawn me in and now that I'm caught it's impossible to escape. Not that I want to, though. "Mr Chu" wasn't really my jam so I had higher hopes for this one, especially since Shinsadong Tiger was the one behind it.

For anyone who's familiar with the group, you will hear similarities between this song and some of their other hits. The beginning sounds almost identical to the part right before the chorus of "No No No" drops, and yes, Shinsadong Tiger made that song too. I guess he likes to recycle his old hooks?
Anyhow, the rest of the track is different, and definitely in a good way. As it's fall season, the time of the year were all the ballad singers come forward with their melancholic, heart-wrenching tunes and sweep all the charts because Korea loves that stuff, it's seemingly suitable for A Pink to follow the trend. "Luv" is a much more sad and sophisticated song with a 90's twist, and does also feel more mature and womanly yet still having their typical pop sound. I think it's a nice development for them, because this comeback could definitely reach a wider audience since they aren't playing up their "young, innocent girl" image as much.

A Pink - Pink LUV
The video on the other hand, is quite boring to be honest. Yes, you get the message and all that but it definitely could have been much more developed and detailed. The song, obviously about heartbreak, is reflected in the video in a way that most people can understand it, even those of us who don't speak Korean. However it gives very little else to look into. The coloring is also a bit distracting, I find, as the dim lightning almost making it look like you're watching it through an Instagram filter. I also cannot get over the dance break, because it both sounds and looks crazily misplaced. This kind of song and video is not the one you would include a random dance number in.

Plot-wise, the video tells the story of the members wandering around an the goods of a big house, and remembering the times they spent with their loved one. The sets are open and wide and quite pretty, but again nothing too remarkable. I do like the fact that the members are shown in big, empty rooms that were once filled with love and laughter. The feeling of being completely lonely is well symbolized through these implications. Flashback scenes of the happier times are a big part of the plot too, but I noticed that you never actually see the man in question, or more so his face. There could be plenty of reasons for that, but my intelligent guess is that Cube simply didn't want to upset all the male fans and ahjussis.

A Pink - Pink LUVThe one thing I will rage about is the styling in this video. Seriously, what were they thinking? The girls look great in the hair- and makeup department, but the clothes are horrific, and that's putting it nicely. I don't even know what the concept is this time, because there isn't anything connecting the various outfits worn in the video. The white clothes aren't too bad but those wide sleeves and collars do not flatter them in any way, and the spotty dresses are honestly just plain bad. The only ones I do like are the black pants and turtlenecks, and I'm not even that big of a fan of turtlenecks.

This video didn't really impress me even though I clearly like the song, and that's a shame. I just feel like they could have done so much more with this concept, but went the obvious safe route. As usual, the girls look pretty and Namjoo's stylists weren't horrible people this time so I'm really happy about that, but this is one of their weakest videos to date. Sorry girls, better luck next time.

Score: 4/5
Score: 3,2/5

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