Jun 30, 2016

Oh My Girl Makes A Quick And Stormy Comeback With "Windy Day"

And the award for the fastest comeback goes to...Oh My Girl! Only a mere two months after releasing my jam "Liar Liar" this eight-piece came back with a repackaged album called "Windy Day" (and this is without counting the follow-up promotions they did with "One Step Two Steps"). This group has been insanely busy and although I really want them to rest I also really like their releases so of course I was looking forward to what "Windy Day" might bring. I didn't know what I expected from the teaser pictures but what I got wasn't even anywhere close to anything I had in mind.

First of all the song needs to be discussed, because it's definitely one of a kind. So far I've found that Oh My Girl's discography has been quite solid, and it seems they've started to develop a sound of their own. Sweet yet energetic pop music with a bit of sass, and this song is not an exception. It starts off quite simply with a calm and dreamy feeling, but the first surprise comes already in the chorus when there seems to be a change in either key or tempo (or possibly both) but nonetheless it stands out from the verses. It doesn't sound bad, and the chorus in itself has a great melody and flow, but it definitely catches you off guard the first few times. However the biggest surprise comes with the chorus' outro, which is an instrumental part where the the chord structure changes once again and suddenly turns into a piece of oriental inspired music with the instruments that are used. It's fair to say I was very confused when listening to this the first time, but now I've grown to actually like the song and it all its weirdness. Still I can understand that some people find it a bit hard to digest. It is, like the title suggests, a bit stormy and all over the place. A "windy" song, if you may say so.

The video goes hand in hand with video, as it includes wind as one of the main points. It's a beautifully made video with lots of gorgeous scenery, cinematography and styling. The camera work is great and in a way the dreamy nature shots and sequences remind me a lot of the video for "Closer". The difference from said MV is though is that this video is without any kind of substantial plot. The lyrics are quite pretty, with their many metaphors between falling in love and the many wonders of mother nature and various weather phenomenons, but the video seems to be more of a collection of shots and scenes put together without anything connecting them apart from the scenery.

It's indeed very beautiful and all the scenes are gorgeous and also quirky and intriguing, but the video lacks a sense of clear direction or a story. I do really enjoy the aesthetics though and I love the way it follows the song as wind starts blowing every time they sing "windy day". I also love the night-time scenes and the literal interpretation of "deer in the headlights", but I do wish there would have been some kind of story to match the stunning visuals. If they had added more shots of the choreography, which by the way is awesome as all of theirs have been so far, I think it would've been even better as well.

Since I do think this comeback was quite rushed I don't really care that I didn't love it fully as much as I did with "Liar Liar" for example, but it proves that even when hurried this girl group has massive potential of becoming huge in the future. Their company seems to be keen on giving them exciting and fresh concepts with good songs, great choreography and a pretty high budget as well (thank you, B1A4), and right now all they need is that hit song to send them into the top tier.

"Windy Day" may not be the most public friendly track but it's still very enjoyable and the video is a lovely watch as well. Oh My Girl is definitely one of my favorite new girl groups and with every comeback, including this one, they remind me why they are just that.

Song: 3,5/5
Video: 3,7/5

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