Dec 11, 2015

SNS Friday #8

TTS sets the holiday spirit by looking annoyingly adorable at the set of their Christmas MV.

Sungjae looks good even in blue hair, but then again when doesn't he look good?

K-pop royalty Gyuri looks as beautiful as ever. Come back soon, will you?

Ett foto publicerat av @strong_chan

Himchan posts a gorgeous picture of his wonderful face. That facial structure though.

Wonpil, Jae and Dowoon all look super cute in what looks like a backstage concert selca.


Princess Seohyun continues being stunning, now in a beautiful pale blue dress.

Ett foto publicerat av @kim_msl

Flawless visual L shows off his cute dimples, looking as gorgeous as usual.

Hyuna shows off her new weave, and it looks amazing on her.

Cutie pies Kyungri and Euaerin are embracing the pink as it seems.

The boys of Madtown are cute as always with their ridiculously underrated visuals.

Ahyoung is another underrated beauty. Look at how stunning she is!

Kim Heechul and BTS? Now this is a combination I approve of.

Ett foto publicerat av @yoona__lim

Flawless duo Yoona and Yuri bring the Christmas spirit to us.

The boys of Vixx looking hot in black leather.

I think I will forever be jealous of Lee Sung Kyung's looks. She's just so pretty.

Daehyun shows off his killer looks, and makes a name for himself as the group's "visucal".

Hyorin shows off her banging bikini body and an equally stunning skyline.

Sulli shows off her assets and makes everyone swoon with jealousy, including me.


Lastly we have Twice who are always being their true, dorky selves even in cheer-leading outfits.

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