Dec 1, 2015

Who Knew Psy's Comeback Would Be The Best Thing To Come Out Of YG This Year?

In my defense; Big Bang still hasn't released their full album yet.

I realize now I haven't really written about Psy before which is weird, because although I'm not a fan myself the guy is a viral phenomenon, as I think almost every person on the internet knows his name. Since the success of "Gangnam Style" three years ago he's been releasing songs to follow up the hit sensation, but the reviews have been mixed to say the least. It felt as if he was trying to ride off of the wave of "Gangnam Style" by doing very similar songs and videos, almost with the feeling as if the target was to go viral instead of being funny and random which was the first video's original intention. The focus was definitely in the wrong place, but now it seems he has returned to his roots.

The responses to Psy's new double title tracks "Napal Baji" and "Daddy" have been much more positive, as fans have said them to be more authentic and closer to the sound of Psy's older work. It no longer feels as if he's trying to please international audiences and make headlines, and I wholeheartedly agree with this. Both of these videos are hilarious and super fun, and the songs are amazingly catchy with infectious hooks and great dance moves to boot. I have to say now that I'm really looking forward to Psy's performance at the MAMA's tomorrow, and if he's going to sing these two songs I'm sure the whole place will be turned upside down in the best way possible.

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