Dec 29, 2015

Top 10 Choreographies of 2015

The "Best of 2015" series continues, and today we will tackle one of the most exciting categories in my opinion; best choreographies. The dancing is arguably on of the best parts about K-pop in general, especially when you're from a western country where the pop groups rarely dance and if they do; poorly, and even my mom who isn't much of a fan is amazed by how great everyone is at dancing. Below I have compiled my 10 favorite dance routines of the year, with some honorable mentions at the end for those who were so close to making it, but sadly didn't. Enjoy!

Got7 - If You Do

When Got7 came back this fall with "If You Do" I was blown away by just about everything. The MV, song and above all the choreography was simply amazing and miles better than anything they've ever put out before. Finally they can show themselves as capable and serious dancers when they don't have as much of a silly image, and boy are they fantastic indeed. I mean, only the footwork in itself would've been enough to put them on this list.

BTS - Dope

There isn't a choreography ranking in the world that would be complete without BTS, the new kings of dancing. Before there was Infinite who held the title of the synchronization masters and were known for their knife-sharp moves, but this group have impressed from day one and are only getting better and better. For this year's ranking it came to down to "Dope" and "Run" as my two favorites, but at the end this one held my interest more. The quickness, energy and fun moves make this choreo such a joy to watch, and the members are brilliant as usual.

4Minute - Crazy

Right when I first watched this MV and saw the choreography I decided it would be on this list, and my mind hasn't faltered one bit since. I have been waiting for years for 4Minute to have a comeback that would do them justice, and then "Crazy" came along and I could finally breathe out. Everything was perfect, from the song to the video but definitely also the dance routine. It's bold, sexy, fierce and in-your-face awesome, and I love how confident the girls are performing it.

Rainbow - Bad Man Crying

As for the song Rainbow should've had as a comeback title, it also happens to have an equally fantastic choreography that was released in video format but never performed on a music show due to their promotions being cut short. I love this song and I couldn't have imagined a better routine to go with it. Not only are the moves both sexy, classy and emotional but the formations are fantastic and there's such an elegance surrounding the entire performance. If only they had promoted "Bad Man Crying" instead.

GFriend - Glass Bead

Another group I knew would be on this list right when I first watched their MV was GFriend's "Glass Bead". I was hesatating whether I should include this routine or the one for "Me Gustas Tu", because that one is, too, incredibly impressive, but at the end I found this one a bit stronger. Not only is the actual choreography in itself extremely pleasing to watch with the fast, hard-hitting moves, flaring arms and jumping, but the girls are bringing so much to it as well. Not only are the super synchronized but perform it with such energy and effortlessness, and I can only stare in amazement.

f(x) - 4 Walls

I think most f(x) fans can agree that this group's choreographies have been lacking as of late. They haven't been bad by any means of the definition, in fact they've been better than a lot of other groups', but compared to the ones the groups themselves had back in their early days they've been more underwhelming recently. However, with this year's comeback the girls have been showing that they can still bring it, but with a choreography that's more mature, refined and artistic than anything they've done before.

Xia Junsu - Flower 

Speaking of artistic, here's Xia Junsu's choreography for "Flower", which I think is my absolute favorite of the bunch. Seriously, there's nothing on this list that comes close to this one in terms of musicality and emotion, and Junsu is arguably the best dancer of them all as well. This routine is just incredible to watch, and I feel like I discover new things about it every time I watch it, but more importantly I just love watching Junsu dance. He moves so fluidly and gracefully yet with such power and finesse, and I could honestly sit and look at him for hours without getting bored.

Uniq - Listen to Me 

You might think that this is quite the odd choice, and I agree, but I am obsessed with this choreography. I don't know whether Uniq promoted this song or not (it was a B-side on their album), actually I can't recall them doing it, but I came across this practice version and was completely hooked. This is another group I would love getting more recognition for their skills, which the title track "EOEO" didn't highlight, and this choreography is the perfect example. Watch for yourself and you'll understand!

Seventeen - Adore U

Yes boys, I do "adore you". And more importantly I adore this choreography. I had kind of a hard time picking between which version to use for this post because they've released so many different types of dance practice videos, but I thought this one with a fixed camera would be the best to see the entirety of the routine. What Seventeen does so well, apart from having great dancers, is utilizing all the thirteen members in all kinds of unique formations. Additionally the way they perform, with incredible enthusiasm and playfulness, is fantastic.

Girls' Generation - Catch Me If You Can

Last but not least we have the K-pop queens themselves, the wall of all walls. It's been a long time since I genuinely thought a Girls' Generation choreography was even moderately interesting (I guess "Bad Girl" was the last one), but this one is exactly what I wanted from them. Not only do they all look like they're actually putting an effort in but the moves, the formations and the energy is captivating. It's the perfect mix between sexy and fierce without going too far in either direction, and this proves to me that they can dance when they're given the right circumstances.

Honorable Mentions:

Gain - Paradise Lost
The Ark - The Light
BTS - Run
Oh My Girl - Closer
Lovelyz - Ah-Choo
GFriend - Me Gustas Tu
SHINee - Married To The Music

Now I want to know what some of your favorite choreographies were this year. Please share in the comments!

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