Dec 26, 2015

Top 10 Albums of 2015

This is what I've been waiting all year for; the "Best of" series! I'm going to kick it off with best album but unlike what I said I would do last year I will not be separating the albums into full and mini, because, well, there wasn't enough full albums that I liked. However there will be some restrictions for this list. For it to be counted as a mini album it has to contain at least four songs, excluding an eventual intro, because there were some that I liked but were a bit too short to be counted as a mini album to me. This will be in no particular order because it would be too hard, but here it is; my favorite albums of 2015!

Infinite's "Reality"

With their fifth mini album Infinite shows they're a force to be reckoned with, even five years after their debut. With an amazing title track they set the tone, and the rest of the songs on the album were equally good if not better. "Reality" was a cohesive, well put-together album where all of the members showed improvement in their respective eras, and after a couple of semi-disappointing comebacks this redemption was well needed and well received.

Favorite Songs: "Bad", "Moonlight", "Between Me And You"

Hyukoh's "22"

It's a shame I didn't know about this four-piece band last year, because if I had their mini album "20" would definitely have been included in the list of 2014's best albums. I can't say that I liked this one as much, but it honestly doesn't matter that much because it's still better than a lot of the K-pop albums that were released this year. Being a rock girl at heart, and leaning more on the indie rock sound, Hyukoh and their music are a perfect fit for me, and I'm so happy I discovered them.

Favorite Songs: "Comes And Goes", "Hooka", "Gondry"

Rainbow's "Innocent"

I'm still kind of frustrated about how Rainbow's promotions for their third mini album went down, as they only performed a few weeks and their title track was cut almost immediately on music shows. Their company is doing them dirty over and over again with how they manage them and promote them, but at the same time I can't hate because this mini is so good. The actual title might be a bit underwhelming but all of the other songs are amazing.

Favorite Songs: "Bad Man Crying", "Mr Lee", "A Little More"

Nine Muses' "S/S Edition"

After a lackluster comeback earlier during the year, Nine Muses got back up on the horse and came out with "S/S Edition" and the incredible "Hurt Locker" which was my song of the summer. This album had all the ingredients for a success; the songs were catchy and very typically "Nine Muses", the vocals were great and it had a cohesive sound. It shows that when this group is at their best they're unstoppable, and it doesn't make it worse that they all sported bikinis for the photos as well.

Favorite Songs: "Hurt Locker", "Yes Or No"

Day6's "The Day"

As I had been waiting for what feels like an eternity for this group of boys who appeared on "YG's Win" to debut, expectations were of course built for them do drop something impressive. Let's just say I was in no way disappointed. "The Day" is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year and the fact that the members themselves were a huge part in writing and composing the already amazing songs made them even better. The future is definitely bright for this six-piece.

Favorite Songs: "Congratulations", "Colors", "Like The Sun"

BTS' "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.2"
bts - the most beautiful moment in life pt 2

While there's no doubt in my mind that the first part of this album series had the better title track in "I Need U", the rest of the songs on that album didn't stand a chance against the songs on this one. Everything about this whole concept and idea has been amazing, and it's admirable how much they've grown and matured both as performers but definitely as musicians. With this project BTS has proved themselves to be a group to watch out for in the future, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Favorite Songs: "Run", "Butterfly", "Silver Spoon"

Twice's "The Story Begins"

Twice's debut is, along with GFriend's, my favorite of the year on the female side. We first got to know them during reality show "Sixteen" and at least I was very excited for them to make their official debut because I already adored the members. Their very first mini album "The Story Begins" is the perfect way for them to start their career, as it shows a clear musical identity and direction and also stands out among other groups.

Favorite Songs: "Do It Again", "Candy Boy", "Like A Fool"

Xia Junsu's "Flower"

Junsu's third solo album was released earlier this year with probably on the best song's I've ever heard as its title track, and an equally brilliant music video. What people might not know is that this album is packed with great tunes that range from all kind of genres and tempos, so there's definitely something in there for everyone. As he probably will be enlisting in the army sometime early next year it makes this release especially bittersweet, because now it might be several years before we get to hear his marvelous voice again.

Favorite Songs: "Flower", "Out of Control", "X Song", "Breath of Love"

f(x)'s "4 Walls"

Did you seriously think I was going to make a top 10 albums list and not include the queens of pop music? Yeah, that's not going to happen. This is the third year f(x) takes a place on this list, and I guess that speaks for itself about the quality of their music. Although nothing will ever beat "Pink Tape" this album comes pretty close, and it's probably the most refined and mature f(x) album we heard so far. Some people might not like the electronica/EDM sound they got going on, but this is exactly my cup of tea.

Favorite Songs: "Déjà Vu", "4 Walls", "Rude Love", "Papi"

Wonder Girls' "Reboot"
File:Wonder Girls - Reboot.jpg

Without hesitation I can say that "Reboot" is the best album of 2015, no doubt about it. Being someone who never got into the Wonder Girls before because of their long hiatus and general inactivity during 2012-2014 I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this awaited return, but this comeback was everything I never knew I wanted. Everything from the authentic 80's concept, flawless production and fantastic songs were spot on, as there's literally nothing wrong about this album. All I can do is thank JYP and the four members for making this album happen.

Favorite Songs: "Baby Don't Play", "Candle", "I Feel You", "Oppa", "Faded Love"

Honorable Mentions
There were some albums that I liked but didn't make the cut, but I thought I'd include them anyway because they deserves at least that much.

GFriend - Flower Bud
Miss A - Colors
Kim Sunggyu - 27
Seventeen's "Boys Be"
SHINee's "Married To The Music"
Girl's Day's "Love"

Now I'm curious to hear; what were your favorite albums of 2015? What have I been missing out on?

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