Dec 25, 2015


Girls' Generation show off their team spirit prior to their Phantasia concert.

Bang Yongguk continues to break my heart with his everything.

Ett foto publicerat av HEJ (@sweetgirlej)

Eunjung looks cute as a bunny in her christmassy outfit.

Ett foto publicerat av KYUM (@yu_gyeom)

Same-aged friends Yugyeom and Bambam strike a pose.

Ett foto publicerat av @erine0503

Euaerin, Hyemi and Keumjo all are smiles for the holidays.

The seven ladies of Rainbow gather for a sweet group picture.

Ett foto publicerat av James (@jamesjhl)

James shows once again why his face is my ideal face. So handsome.

 Actual fairies Oh My Girl wish their fans a Merry Christmas!

Ett foto publicerat av @strong_chan

Himchan, Suho and V come together for a cute selca.

The members of SHINee and Red Velvet look happy and adorable together.

N steals the hearts of fans everywhere with his handsome gaze.

Twice says "Merry Christmas" as well from their own Christmas gathering.

Minha looks like an angel, but what else is new?

J-Hope shows off his (or more likely the group's) Christmas tree.

Yoona, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung celebrate Christmas in the cutest Santa outfits ever.

Minhyuk says "Merry Christmas" with his enchanting eye smile.

Ett foto publicerat av YURA (@yura_936)

The always so stunning Yura wears appropriate head gear for the holiday season.

The ultimate cuties of Vixx go all out this year with their festive costumes.

The super pretty Jei wishes everyone a very happy Christmas.

A festive Hyejeong continues slaying my existence with her beauty.

Seohyun looks pretty and adorable in a cute Santa outfit of her own.

Go Ara sends out her Christmas wishes with the pretties selca ever.

Last but not least we have Amber, because who else would dress up in Christmas lights?


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