Dec 16, 2014

2014 Presents Its Last Gift: Joon and Thunder Leave MBLAQ

The future of this group had been uncertain for quite a while, with their latest releases creating little to no hype and the group's popularity declining by the hour. For a group that started off in a very promising manner, at the time being competing with fellow boy band Beast, Mblaq has been fading more and more into the background. If you compare where Beast and Mblaq stand today, the results are very different and it's much of it is because of management.

Mblaq debuted under J. Tune Camp, handpicked by Rain himself, and in the beginning they had a big following and proved to be both great performers and variety personalities. Some of their early variety shows are still the best that I've seen and their material have always been a joy to the ear, so to see them go down like this is truly sad. I blame their company entirely, because how this group have been promoted and managed has a huge part in their downfall. This group really has a lot of talent, hard-working ethics and even a famous visual in Lee Joon, and although I'm sad about these news I can't say I'm shocked. I do think the leaving members will be better off elsewhere, because staying with the company is literally doing nothing for them.

What will become of the three remaining members? I'm not sure. I guess they could continue as a trio but my predictions is that it would probably be even less successful than working as a five-piece. Hopefully the group can disband completely so that everyone can fulfill their dreams and aspirations in life, whether that'd be staying in the entertainment industry or not. What I know for sure though, is that that place won't be with J. Tune.

To celebrate their memory and all the great songs they've released throughout the years, I will post some of my favorite Mblaq jams. Some of these are ones that I watched right when I first got into K-pop, so it's quite sentimental for me to experience them, this time knowing they won't be performed by these five members again.

The clothes are horrid, the song is amazing.

I have to say I love the eye-makeup here, and of course the song is beautiful too.

Such a cool track with an equally cool choreography. Also, shirtless shower scene.

The theme of the song is really random, but great nonetheless.

This was seriously one of the best tracks of 2013.

MBLAQ, you will be missed.

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