Dec 9, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (20-11)

20. Nine Muses' Euaerin

This girl needs more recognition, like right now. Not only is she actually a good female rapper, but she is nothing less but stunning. She has the prettiest face ever, and her body is long and toned with legs that go on for days and days.

19. A Pink's Eunji

Her smile is like rainbows and kittens. Her voice is a gift sent from the heavens. She has a fun, outgoing personality and isn't afraid to look a bit silly at times. Also, she's absolutely gorgeous. Did I mention she's an acting prodigy too? This girl is my kind of gal.

18. T-ara's Hyomin

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a bit sad when she chopped all her hair off, because have you seen her with these long locks? Flawless. In all seriousness though, Hyomin rocked my world when T-ara dropped "Number 9", and since then I've been steadily crushing on her.

17. f(x)'s Luna

Oh, Luna, you precious, underrated amazing woman. I'm always furious about how she keeps getting the short end of the stick in her group, because she is by far the most talented out of all of them. Part of that is what makes her so incredibly beautiful.

16. 4Minute's Gayoon

Gorgeous, gorgeous Gayoon. How you've grown into your looks as you've gotten older. She is really the prime example of someone finding and expressing their true beauty for the world to see, and I'm so thrilled that she's getting more work these days because she needs to be seen.

15. T-ara's Eunjung

My love for Eunjung reaches deep down and far back, and if there's one person I'm constantly holding onto, it's her. She is one of the prettiest people ever and she is extremely talented too. With every comeback, this lovely woman is guaranteed to take my breath away.

14. Red Velvet's Joy

When I first came in contact with Red Velvet, the person that instantly stood out was Joy. It wasn't only because she actually didn't look like the other triplets, but because of her gorgeous smile. Additionally, she's born in 96 like myself, so obviously I have to be biased towards her.

13. Sunmi
Sun Mi - Harper’s Bazaar Magazine October Issue ‘13Sun Mi - Oh Boy! Magazine Vol.46

I had no idea who Sunmi was when she made her solo debut, because she was out of the industry when I entered, but I soon grew to love her as many other also did. Her first comeback with "Full Moon" was the last deciding factor, and I realized I had developed a solid girl crush on this stunning lady.

12. Girl's Day's Sojin


Can you believe this woman is soon turning 30? No, me neither. What I love about Sojin, apart from here amazing looks and talent, is that she seems like such a mature, grounded person. Her personality is naturally sweet and caring and that makes her all the more beautiful in my eyes.

11. Miss A's Suzy

If this was two years ago, Suzy probably wouldn't have even been on this list at all, but this past year or so I've finally realized why Korea loves her so much. I love this grown up, mature and womanly version of Suzy and I've actually found myself secretly looking up her latest photo-shoots out of sheer admiration for her beauty.

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