Dec 22, 2014

50 Most Beautiful Female Idols (10-1)

10. Kara's Hara

Although some people claim she has ruined her face with plastic surgery, I personally think she looks just as gorgeous as she always has. I remember back in the day when she dated Beast's Junhyung I wanted to dislike her because of it but I simply couldn't. I ended up being jealous of him instead,

9. Girl's Day's Yura

Yura certainly came in like a wrecking ball last year for me. Loosing the bangs was definitely the best decision she's ever made, because now I could finally see her lovely face. Her body is pretty amazing too, as shown in the picture above. Seriously, I almost choked when I first saw it.

8. f(x)'s Sulli

Smiling angel Sulli is also one of the those who have grown on me throughout the years, as I did find her beautiful but not too special at all. Nowadays though, when she has matured a bit and become more of a young woman I am all into the hype. What a princess.

7. Girls' Generation's Sooyoung

I'm being completely honest when I say that Sooyoung was my first SNSD bias, and to this day I'm still crazy about her. Her unique looks are what makes her so gorgeous, and I'm happy she's getting more love from the public with her recent dramas and various MC:ing stunts.

6. f(x)'s Krystal

Jessica might not be on this list, but the Jung family are well represented by the younger sister instead. Krystal has a rare kind of sheer star power that far from everyone possesses, that special "it" factor. I wish I could either be her, or possibly be her best friend. I seriously adore this girl.

5. Girl's Generation's Yoona
SNSD - Casio SheenSNSD - I Got A Boy

Here's another grower here, as I could never understand why people thought she looked so much better than everyone else. She was pretty, but in a plain way. Recently though, Yoona has proven herself to be well worthy of her position as visual, and now I'm definitely a big fan of her too.

4. 4Minute's Hyuna

"Hyuna is love. Hyuna is life"; I suggest you all try to live by those words from now on. Many people seem to hate Hyuna for no reason, but I guess having the looks and skills she has bring out the worst type of jealousy. She is a natural goddess on stage and a force to be reckoned with, don't try to deny it.

3. Girl's Day's Hyeri
Girl’s Day - Darling

How did I end up falling completely in love with this young woman? I don't know how it happened but I'm glad it did. Hyeri radiates happiness, youth and sweetness, and her bubbly personality is really just the cherry on top. Not only is she the prettiest ever, but she seems like a genuinely fun person to be around.

2. After School's Nana

Oh my darling Nana. It was literally love at first sight when I first laid eyes on her, and that love has continued for years now. Although my admiration of her has declined a tiny bit since then, hence the 2nd place, I still think she's absolutely stunning and nothing will ever change my mind about that.

1. Girls' Generation's Seohyun

As if there was ever any competition. I don't know how this happened because I didn't pay that much attention to Seohyun at all before, but suddenly something just snapped and realized all I've been missing out on. Ever since "Mr. Mr" I've been kind of crazy about her, so much she even managed to steal Nana's given first place, and that says a lot. I know my love for this fantastic woman will only grow more, because this is just the beginning for me and my new female bias.

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