Apr 3, 2014

Rate The Look - 4Minute's "Whatcha' Doin' Today"

For this second edition of Rate The Look, we examine the hairstyles and outfits worn by new top group 4Minute (they did beat both SNSD and 2ne1 for last weeks Inkigayo) and wonder what went wrong between the amazing teaser photos and the not-so-amazing video

Jihyun is probably my least favorite member of this group, because for the most part of the time she's really passive, quiet and honestly a bit boring. Not to say I find all shy members boring, because that's not the case, but I just don't find her very interesting. I have to say though, she looks good for this comeback. The dark brown hair suits her well, as do the cut and styling (no bangs, thank you!), so I'll approve. 
Score: 7/10

I love Gayoon, I really do, and she has really begun to shine more this past year. She arguably looked the best for their 2013 promotions, and I feel like she has come out of her shell more and more. I have been following her activities closely and have noticed an upswing in photoshoots and popularity, but then this happened. What's with those bangs? I wanted her to look amazing this time around again, but that cut just really ruined it for me. I'm sorry. 
Score: 6/10

For someone who has had shorter hair since the very beginning and has made very few noticeable changes since then, Jiyoon's longer haircut definitely comes as a surprise. It's not that long, but it's enough to realize the big change. I do like the hair and I think she looks really pretty, but it clashes a bit with her well-established image as the "cool, tough" type. The styling is also a bit off, because the length and color is good but it looks really big, fluffy and a bit out of control at times. 
Score: 6/10

Is it even possible for Hyuna to look bad? I don't think so. I much prefer this black hair color apposed to the blond one she had during her Troublemaker promotions, as it was unflattering to her skin tone and really washed her out. She is also been sporting some bangs, and just like Gayoon, and I'm not a huge fan of it. She has been working bangs from time to time over the years (most recently being only last year) and looked good in them, but they don't really suit this length. In both of the pictures above she has them out of her face, and I find that much more attractive. 
Score: 7/10

I admit, I was a bit terrified when the very first teaser picture came out, as Sohyun's eyebrows were practically invisible. However, I do think that picture was just very badly photoshopped because the eyebrows did make a comeback later, even if they still were pretty light.
The haircolor is kind of a light brown-blonde-pink one, and she actually pulls it off really well. I just love to see her grow from comeback to comeback, both in age and as a performer (she is easily on par with Hyuna in terms of dancing these days), and it's sometimes easy to forget she's still only 20 years old.
Score: 7/10


If you look at the general styling of this concept, it has both its bad and good points. The styling in the music video (and in some of the live performances) have consisted of these metallic and plastic clothing items as well as a lot of darker colors and other strange materials. But for other performances, the outfits have been much more like the ones in the teaser photos. I do not like the video clothes at all, but I do like the other ones, making it a bit harder to judge. 
If I were to summarize this entire comeback in terms of visual flattery, I would call it a bit underwhelming, just like the song and video. None of the girls look bad, so to speak, but none of them look really good either. I think most of them had better luck last year, unfortunately. 
Score: 6/10

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