May 24, 2014

Girl Crush Saturday - Eunyoung

Does anyone here know about Two X? No one? I didn't think so. In that case then, it's my duty to enlighten you about this two year old group and their greatest asset Eunyoung. They are signed to the same label as Mblaq, but that didn't really help them at all in becoming relevant in the music industry, and they have not had a comeback since February last year which is a tragedy. Their debut song Double Up was surprisingly decent but then Ring Ma Bell was released and killed every little piece of potential that there was. Anyhow, I came across the group's maknae on the show Romantic & Idol, and fell in love with her cute and charming personality. I've also seen her on All the Kpop, which further enhanced my love for this talented young woman.

Look at this goddess!

Magical blonde locks on a magical princess.

Pretty in a hanbok as well.

Flawless on stage.

Or more like flawless everywhere all the time.

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