May 1, 2014

Rate the Look - BTS' "Just One Day"

I initially wanted to do this with their "Boy In Luv" comeback, but I was a bit late. However, not much time has passed since then and they all pretty much look the same, so I figured this would work just as well. 
Also, this is the first male group to feature in this segment! You thought I was only going to judge the ladies, huh? In my defense I will say that not many boy groups have been active these past months. It's truly been the ladies' year so far!


Please forgive the enormous gap between the title and the picture, I have no idea what that's all about!
Anyway, the rating. Jin had brown hair for the "Boy In Luv" promotions, but the cut is pretty much the same. I actually like the other color a bit better, but the red is not bad at all either. I liked the slightly messy, rough and out-of-control look he rocked previously, but it seems his stylists have toned in down this time around, probably to fit the concept better. 
Score: 7/10


Suga is just so cute. I'm sorry, but it has to be said at some point. Well, all the members in this group are cute, some of them the more fatal kind (ahem Jimin), but still sweet as sugar. I do have to say though, that this cut is not the most flattering of the bunch. I seems very, I don't know, mushroom-like if you get what I'm trying to say. Like an updated version of the bowl-cut, with less bowl in it. It's a tiny bit too fluffy and round for my liking, unfortunately. 
Score: 6/10

Rap Monster

That name though, it still hurts me to even write it. Of all possible stage names, you choose that. I guess there are somethings I will never fully grasp. 
I'm going to be completely honest with you here, when BTS first debuted, I though this guy was mixed. For one, I could not see his eyes because he has sunglasses on at all occasions (his eyes are adorable by the way), his skin was slightly darker and his hair had that kind of texture that you would associate with someone mixed or black. Well, I was proven wrong, but I was skeptic towards his hair being white because I generally find that people with tan skin and bleached hair don't match well. I was proven wrong here as well. Although it seems even lighter now, doesn't it? I also liked his hair better styled upwards with this color, so that brings the score down a notch. 
Score: 7/10


Can you believe I disliked this new look when I first saw the teaser pictures for "Boy In Luv"? I don't know what I was thinking because this had turned out to be one of my favorites. J-Hope is constantly climbing up my bias list, and he's really becoming one of my favorite people in Kpop due to his vibrant, happy and positive mindset and personality. He shares some traits with Infinite's Dongwoo, which if you are an Infinite fan you'll understand how, and brings out the motherly, protective feelings within me. Long story short, he looks amazing. 
Score: 9/10


I'm so happy Jimin's a year older than me because if he wasn't, I would probably hand myself in to the police straight away. Even though he is older than me, he certainly looks younger, which also brings out my maternal instincts at times. But then again, there's the police bit so you might guess where I'm going with this. That body and those dance moves along with the cutest smiling eyes and round cheeks is a deadly combination. Also, that black hair is perfect for him. 
Score: 9/10

Everyone loves V, apparently. He's attractive, has a nice, deep voice, comes from another planet and so on, but I have a hard time liking him as much as so many others do. His hairstyles are a definite reason why. When they first debuted, he looked great, that I can admit. However, it's just gone downwards from there. He has had various strange colors, and this bright orange one is just a big no-no. It looks, quite frankly, awful. I'm sorry (actually, I'm not sorry). 
Score: 5/10


Now, here's a guy who is actually a year younger than me. Say what? The truth is, there aren't actually a lot of idols born in 97 or later (that I'm familiar with), although the rookie groups probably have a few but I don't know any of them too well, so I hardly ever get to fight my noona-feels. Jungkook doesn't really do anything for me either, so I'm still relatively cool (although Yeo Jin Goo is another story). He is mad talented and crazy good-looking, but not my type, so to speak. He does look great for this year's comebacks though, but I still prefer his hair brown rather than red. 
Score: 8/10


Boys in any kind of suits or uniforms are my weakness, so they had me straight away for this one. "Boy In Luv" was however, a bit better in terms of styling as there was a bit more variation other than school uniforms, but who am I to complain? Their stylists have really stepped up their game this year, making the boys look maturer while keeping them relevant to teenagers at the same time. It's all so classy and flattering, just like the video, and it really looks like clothing real people would wear in real life. Apart from some questionable hairstyles, everything is wonderful.

Total Score: 8/10

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