Jun 30, 2014

Rate the Look - AOA's "Short Hair"

I wasn't going to do this because I find this group generally uninteresting ever since they ditched the band concept and jumped on the Brave Brothers wagon, but their latest comeback had some nice points and the styling was definitely one of them. 

Profession: Hair Stylist
While I miss her longer hair, I still think she works the bob cut, but then again she just a naturally sexy person. She has been wearing all kinds of blonde shades now for quite a long time, so I'm curious as to what she would look like in dark hair (probably amazing). Anyway, she suits this light blonde short do more than most people would so I can't complain.
Score: 7/10

Profession: Police Officer
Jimin has been rocking the same haircut for some time now too, but I think this time it's more red than brown and a bit straighter but that's really the only visible change. For some reason, however, it still makes a big difference because I think she looks heaps better now than their last comeback. Maybe it's the police costume. I don't know but she looks hot. 
Score: 8/10

Profession: Office Worker
Not going to lie, I shed a tear. Of misery. Fine, I didn't cry but I did feel a sudden wave of rage and frustration when I saw her teaser picture. Yuna is one of my favorite members of the group and she is definitely one of, if not the prettiest member. Her long, blonde hair that she had was flawless and I'm not even mad about the brown color because it suits her too, but why did they have to cut her hair of all people? I'm disappointed in whoever made this decision. 
Score: 6/10

Profession: Stewardess
I can't get over Hyejeong's face, it's simply not possible. I think she's the kind of person that could have pretty much any hair color and still look spectacular. Her look in the video is flawless and she knows how to work that costume really well too. However it's hard to get a good look at her hair because of the hat, but the color seems nice and I'm very happy she got to keep her hair at that length (but she doesn't look awkward in her short wig either). 
Score: 8/10

Profession: Ice Cream Shop Worker
Mina is one of the few members of this group I had a hard time identifying in the beginning (and still do to a certain extent), and it's because she possess a very kind of ordinary beauty. No doubt she's gorgeous, but she doesn't have any features that make her stand out. She looks pretty for this comeback, but has yet to find a style that will really make her pop.
Score: 7/10

Profession: Cheerleader
Seolhyun is the team's official visual, and she is very beautiful indeed, but I had a hard time identifying her as well. I actually like she looked better by the time of AOA's debut, for some reason, because very little has changed since then in terms of styling. She still has long, dark hair and it doesn't seem like it's going to change anytime soon. She looks great, but it's a bit safe and also a bit boring at this point. 
Score: 7/10

Profession: Car Mechanic
Chanmi is also a member I had found difficult recognizing, but with this new hair color there's no way I will fail to recognize her again. She has been having bangs pretty much since debut, so to actually get to see her face for a change is really nice because her features are actually quite unique and distinguishable. This change in styling was a good decision on her part, because she is definitely a lot more memorable now. 
Score: 8/10


I am in love with the styling for this comeback. Of course it's all sweet and sexy but there's some creativity and imagination behind the outfits for a change. Both their latest comebacks had dreadfully boring styling (clothes wise I mean, because the girls looked gorgeous), so this concept is far more interesting and much more appealing, at least to me. Apart from Yuna's hair, I don't have any big complaints at all, but this group is a very pretty one to begin with so the fact that they're all stunning isn't a big surprise.

Total Score: 9/10

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