Jun 9, 2014

Rate the Look - VIXX' "Eternity"

Our own supernatural idols VIXX have returned to the scene after 6 months (wow, it really that long since Voodoo Doll?) with another out-of-this-world concept, a genre they've mastered and made their own by now. VIXX pretty much always looks amazing, but has really found themselves a trademark style since On and On back in early 2013, consisting of mostly fitted clothes and suits which can never go wrong in my opinion. 


The "N-brows" have finally made their first appearance and it's not bad at all. I do like Hakyeon the most in darker colors but he can pull almost anything off so it doesn't really matter too much. I personally think he looks great in this dirty blonde, shorter hairstyle, but above all it's refreshing to see a noticeable change. You need to try various styles to find out what suits you best. 

Score: 8/10


Although I still deeply miss his red hair from way back, I think this shade of brown is also very flattering on Leo. Most dark colors look great on him actually, but he is indeed a very good looking guy so I guess that sort of has a factor in it too. I don't think I have ever found him anything else than amazingly hot, to be honest (well, that weave aside...), and don't you agree and those eyes could turn anyone into a fan?

Score: 8/10


Ken has a very distinct, peculiar look, and people's opinions about it varies very drastically. Sometimes I find him tremendously attractive, other times I do the exact opposite. I still think he looks best with his hair styled away from his face, so these teaser pictures are onto something promising. He does look great though, but I have yet to decide how I feel about his new nose.

Score: 8/10


Oh Ravi, why do they always give you the abnormal hair colors? I mean, this guy has rocked pretty much every color under the sun by now, and I just want him to have a natural hair color for more than one promotional period. He is a good looking guy, but I just find it hard to see it when I'm distracted by all the color on top of his head. He had like a dark blonde at one short time last year (when they performed on Immortal Song 2), and I remember being so drawn to him back then. Ah, the good times.

Score: 6/10


Now first of all, these photos are not really accurate as to what he looks like right now because he got a haircut, but it doesn't really matter because I'm not a fan either way. Don't get me wrong, Hongbin is a looker, but he doesn't suit lighter colors very well. Neither does he suit really short, flat hairstyles AKA the ones he has been having recently. I can't pinpoint it exactly, but I'm just not impressed with him this time around.

Score: 7/10


The group's baby Hyuk has really grown up handsomely since two years ago when they made their debut. I never thought of him as particularly striking but boy has he turned me around for this comeback. When I saw the first teaser picture I almost couldn't believe my eyes because he looked so grown-up and mature, and I stand firm to that impression. You go Hyuk, show the hyungs who's in charge now!

Score: 8/10


Now completely honestly, I do think they all look amazing. But one hand it is VIXX we're talking about so anything else would be quite strange. I don't know who their stylists are but they're doing one hell of a job with every single comeback because their clothes and outfits are always on point. I genuinely think they're the best dressed boy group out there at the moment, and they have some of the best bodies to pull those fitted suits off too. All credit to their agency Jellyfish Entertainment, because they have really managed to turn these 2012 rookies into a group with enormous potential.

Score: 9/10

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