Jul 25, 2014

Girl's Day Are Cute For Summer In "Darling"

Everyone's new favorite girl group Girl's Day is back after a few months of hiatus since their last hit "Something". This group has put out great songs for all of their latest comebacks, and along with their pretty looks and cute personalities they are definitely one group to look out for. Like with the South Korean public they have found a way to my heart, and now they're back to bless us all with summer jam "Darling".

The song, just like so many of their title tracks, is an instant favorite. It's like a more modern, mature version of Secret's only successful song "Shy Boy", as it shares a similar sound but thankfully leaves the high-pitched vocals out of it. I really, really like this song even though I thought I wouldn't because of it's more cute nature, but it has a great melody and is fun and fit for summer. My only problem would be the overly edited vocals, because they all sound really weird and unnatural. Even good vocalists Minah and Sojin have fallen victims to the producers harsh methods, which I have no understanding of.

The video follows in the footsteps of the bright, cheerful style of the song, inviting us along to pool parties, dart games and car washes. Girl's Day's company supposedly described this as a mixture between "cute" and "sexy", and I think that's a very accurate description. It's not overdosing on either area, and manages to find itself a niche of its own. It's fun and colorful and the focus of the video relies neither on sexualizing them nor portraying them as children. Of course it's not perfect, because there are some butt shots at one point and they don't really come off as the most intelligent human beings, but it's heaps better than, for example Sistar's new video. The video's plot focuses around them doing activities related to summer, such as baking, dancing on tables, throwing darts and washing cars. I have personally never invited my girlfriends over to a car-wash party, but maybe things are different over in South Korea. It sure looks like a lot of fun though. All the girls look happy and energetic, but it's definitely Sojin who catches my attention the most. I love them all, but she just has that something. See what I did there?

The dance is really nice too actually, with lots of movements inspired by retro styles made a bit more contemporary. Sure, the butt waving dance might be a bit unnecessary, but it's not surprising they threw that in there. Overall, it's a flirty, happy routine that's not too complicated yet allows the girls to show off their assets. The clothes worn also contributes to the 50's vibe they've got going on, and I think they all look very cute and stylish. I absolutely love those kind of skirts, and it's definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing.

Overall, this video is not the most interesting or original, but it serves its purpose of being a light, poppy summer tune. It possesses all of the required qualifications, such as bright colors, sunny lightning, beach wear and a catchy song to boot. This is the kind of video both Dai5ies and casual viewers can enjoy, as it's an easy video to like with its harmless and public friendly approach. The four member group have also been promoting really well on music shows and have so far exceeded my expectations on their abilities as performances. It's obvious they like doing this kind of concept, and they get to have fun and enjoy themselves on stage while looking cute and lovable at the same time.

Song: 3,5/5
MV: 3,6/5

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