Jul 3, 2014

Rate the Look - Beast's "Good Luck"

The 6 handsome boys of beast are back after a year with new single "Good Luck" and an accompanying mini-album. This is a group with many good looking guys and there were some instant stand-outs when I saw the teaser pictures and the video. Beast have generally had quite dark and colorless styling throughout the years (apart from Beautiful Night which was the exact opposite), and it seems they have continued with that theme this time around as well.


Doojoon is an extraordinarily handsome man, and there's no way I'm ever going to think anything else no matter what idiocy comes out of his mouth. He looked nothing less but perfect for last year's round of promotions, but I'd have to say he looks even better now with this blonde color. I never imagined him having anything else but dark hair, but I'm seriously loving this new style.
Score: 10/10


The bandana is not my favorite type of hair accessory, and it isn't made for middle parts either. I do appreciate that he finally let go of the bleach though because it needed to go. However, Hyunseung has has been worrying me for a while now due to his pale and skinny appearance. I don't mind skinny guys, but Hyunseung has been looking terribly unhealthy lately, and I would just want him to put on a few pounds and get some color in his cheeks, because right now I'm scared he might break split in half if anyone just pushed him slightly.
Score: 7/10


Junhyung has been looking really great so far, and I'm glad because he has had some questionable styling in the past. The combination of the bleach and some weight loss (I think?) has made his face much more attractive, and I'm always happy to see him being styled in a flattering manner. There's not much more to say actually but that Beast's primary moneymaker is killing it this comeback.
Score: 9/10


Can you guess how thrilled I was when I saw that Yoseob finally had gone back to black? The answer is very. Sure, this picture isn't the most flattering but I can promise you he is looking fine in motion. But then again, this guy has had my full attention ever since last year when he returned as a muscle man and stole my heart without any warning. Anyone who still claims Yoseob isn't good looking needs to reevaluate their life choices. Or get their eyes checked.
Score: 8/10


Lee Kikwang is one of those people who can look good in basically everything. He has had brown hair, blonde hair and red hair and I have never once thought of him as anything else but flawless. Sure, he might have said a lot of ignorant things and have built himself a bad reputation among many international fans, but no one can deny the beauty that is his face. He looks fantastic with black hair, but then again what doesn't he look good in?
Score: 9/10


I am so conflicted about Beast's youngest member. Sometimes I think he looks inhumanly perfect, but other times I just find him funny looking. I can never make up my mind so it's difficult to rate his look because I just don't know how I feel about it. I also don't know why they keep on giving him awkward hair colors. I like the length for once, but I would've wanted it looking a bit more natural.
Score: 7/10


This year's Beastly comeback has very similar styling to their 2013 one, but there seems to have been a few changes. For example the the hip-hop inspired shorts, knee high socks and Hyunseung's bandana. It seems as if they have been inspired by the increase of hip-hop groups lately and added some fashion trends into their collection of black and white outfits. I think they all look good, and while I'm not loving every single bit of it, I'm still quite pleased.
Total Score: 7/10

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