Aug 21, 2014

6 Female Idols That Rock Short Hair

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As most females have long hair for some unknown reason, those who choose to cut their hair off seem to stand out more from the bunch. There's actually a lot of women that suit short hair, some of them even more than they would do longer locks. These female K-pop idols are the ones I think rock short dos the absolute best.

SNSD's Sunny

I know her the blonde bob was a wig, but it doesn't change the fact that it looks amazing on her. So much that she actually cut her hair short afterwards. Sunny was on fire back in 2011 when "The Boys" came out, and this haircut really made heads turn due to it's awesomeness. 

T-Ara's Eunjung

Apart from a short time at the time of her debut, Eunjung has more or less much always had the same hair-length, and I don't blame her for it. Although she looks beautiful with longer hair, this style just fits her perfectly and seems to reflect her general style as well. 

BEG's Gain

Gain's trademark, along with her monolid eyes, is her short hair that she rarely lets grow longer than shoulder length. I have a hard time imagining her with anything else but a shorter cut, since she wears it so well and works her sexy charms more than anyone else even though not having a traditionally feminine hairstyle.

4Minute's Jiyoon

Although I always wanted Jiyoon to try a longer haircut, when she finally did grow it out a bit for this year's promotions I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Maybe it was just bad styling, but I actually think I prefer her shorter do. If she could always wear her hair like she did in the video for "Volume Up" I would never complain about CUBE ever again. 

Girl's Day's Hyeri

I was honestly really skeptical of Hyeri cutting her hair when she first did it for "Female President", but now I don't ever want her changing it. Hyeri has really become a lot prettier in my eyes since she changed up her hairstyle, and while I didn't find her as attractive before I certainly do now. 

f(x)'s Amber

Did you seriously think I was going to do this list and not include Amber? Not a chance! Amber is one of the coolest and most likable idols in the entire industry, in my opinion, and she would not feel like herself without her boyish style and short hair.

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