Aug 25, 2014

Can You Identify The Copycats In OC's New Video?

Two Orange Caramel comebacks? In ONE year? Pledis must be in a really good mood. Or greedy for money considering how poorly their other acts seem to be doing. Yes, I'm still mourning the loss of Hello Venus members Yoo Ara and Yoonjo, let me cry in peace.

Anyhow, the teasers this time around made no sense whatsoever, but one thing is certain. Whatever this group releases is awesome, in one way or the other. There are always insanely catchy songs, crazy videos and eye-catching dance moves involved whenever Nana, Lizzy and Raina makes a return to the scene, and for that I am forever grateful.

"My Copycat" is another insanely catchy tune, but I don't think it's nearly as good as "Catallena" when you look at it as a whole. What makes this song worth listening to, in my opinion, is the saxophone beat that's being played throughout the entire song. Along with the repetition of "나처럼 해봐요", the song's strategically planned hook is infectious and addictive and I love it. As stated though, the full song isn't as good as their last one, but it's still worth listening to almost entirely for that particular part.

The video has a really interesting concept, and is one that I definitely don't think has been tried before. I'm really curious as to what people Orange Caramel's creative team consists of, because they sure have some wacky ideas. It's all appreciated dearly though, as it gives you something to anticipate and actually look forward to, because you can't be sure of what you're getting. This video takes well known games and franchises and use them to make its own, fun interactive experience. There's the infamous "Spot the Difference" that I always used to find in coloring books and puzzle magazines when I was a child, which features the members on a split screen as you try to find the difference between those as they aren't completely identical. It's fun and a bit challenging, like discovering that Raina's shadows have lives of their own and won't follow her exact dance moves.

The other quest is trying to find the members in a sea of similarly dressed people for a far, obviously inspired by "Where's Waldo?" as also can be seen with the striped clothing, and at first you might be able to spot them but the levels get harder and harder. I do really love the idea though, and the mish-mash of people dancing together to the song. I especially enjoy the scene where the members are dancing on a stage and there are people around dressed as nuns, animals and other weird costumes, because it's just so strange and comical. It's fun to look at each person and see what they're doing, as in the scene at the end where everyone's in orange there's just a bunch of people lying on the ground on the right and I have no idea why.

Following the true Orange Caramel style, this video is very colorful. Everything in it has a certain color theme, and I'm not only talking about the clothes. Every room the members visit has a certain color, and that includes the props in the background such as chairs and everyday items. I don't know about you but I have never stepped into a room where everything follows a specific range of blue or yellow, and this is probably the idea behind the usage of it in this video. Orange Caramel's videos are never particularly realistic, and it's not suppose to look that way either. They are part of a story, a tale full of imagination och endless creativity, and they don't have to stick to the norm when it comes to video sets. Like most K-pop videos, this is also shot in a box but it's not as obvious because they aren't trying to make it look "cool" or "hip".

Completely honestly, this is not my favorite OC comeback. I like everything and objectively it's a great, funny and quirky video, but I feel no personal connection to it. I suppose it's partly the song, because although it has a great hook that gets stuck in your head immediately, it's not as strong as some of their other work. Still, the video is better than the majority of videos that are released on a weekly basis, and Orange Caramel are doing great on all the music shows too with their unique performances and facial expressions.

Song: 3,8/5
MV: 4,2/5

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