Aug 16, 2014

Eye Candy Saturday - Luna

The time has come for yet another f(x) member to be highlighted in this glorious segment. I am a big fan of Luna as she is, along with Krystal, my favorite in the group. Her talents often go unnoticed which is simply quite terrible considering just how amazing she is. Her voice is like a gift sent from the heavens, her dance skills are top notch and who could forget her gorgeous in- and outside.

Prettiest girl ever.

A queen on the stage.

She knows she's hot.

[PHOTO] f(x) Luna Casts Bright Smile at Mnet's Music Awards

I think we can all agree that 2013 was a great year for Luna fans.

The long, black hair did wonders for her.

And then it got even better.

Let the Luna-takeover begin.

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