Aug 7, 2014

JTBC's "Crime Scene" - My New Favorite Variety Show

By accident, as it seems being the way I end up finding all sorts of new things, I stumbled upon an episode of cable channel JTBC's reality variety show "Crime Scene". I had never heard of the show prior, and it's not so strange considering it is not on one of South Korea's major broadcasting channels. However, the series is highly addictive and also allows the viewer to engage on a more personal level. As season 1 has just ended, I am already anticipating another exciting season with plenty of thrilling cases and entertaining guests.

The original line-up consisted of MC Jeon Hyun Moo, Hong Jin Ho, Park Ji Yoon, NS Yoon-G and actual lawyer Im Bang Geul, but the latter was later replaced by colleague Kang Yong Suk, as well as a celebrity guest. As the program starts, the players are presented a crime scene especially built to serve as a workplace for them while searching for clues, and are later assigned roles to play for the rest of the case. All of them are suspects, but only one is actually guilty, and will do everything possible to make sure they're not the only with the most votes at the end. As the episode goes on, they get to search the crime scene, gather clues and discuss among themselves to try to find the culprit.

As a viewer of the show, you're allowed to participate and work together with the players to try and find the criminal yourself by observing the same clues and leads as them. You can vote on your phone via JTBC's website, and if you've chosen the right person by the end you can even win a prize. As you watch the show you can both see what other viewers are voting at the moment as well as what the players think at the same time. I have miserably tried to take participation myself and try to figure out who the murderer might be, but with no success so far. I guess not everyone is meant to be a detective.

All the regular members of the show have also won me over with their likable personalities and funny banter, and you have really seen their different characters show as they're all trying their hardest to put pieces together. The two brains of the show, Ji Yoon and Jin Ho, are the ones to look out for as they have both tricked the rest to imprison the wrong person and take the victory all to themselves. Jeon Hyun Moo is not my favorite person in the world as he has said some really offensive and provoking statements, but you can't deny that he's good at hosting the show. All the guests that have come on have been good too, but none of them were really that great at detecting although they all tried their best. I don't think I would have been any better myself, to be honest.

The concept of the show will definitely be confusing at first, and even the members themselves were unsure of what they were doing in the first episode. However, once you get the hang of it you won't be able to stop watching. The idea is definitely new and unique, and really puts your mind to work instead of providing you with brainless entertainment that requires no thought-activity from viewers. You want to solve the puzzle and find the guilty one, and that's why you become so engrossed in the program. If you like playing Cluedo, watching police related TV-shows and solve problems this show will be just right for you. Although I think even the most unexpected people will find it at least a little bit intriguing.

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