Sep 20, 2014

Eye Candy Saturday - Junho

2PM are back and the boys are currently killing it on the live shows with their crazy, energetic performances. All of them are obviously good-looking, but Junho in particular really caught my attention since last year, and I started to look out for him a bit more. He's unfortunately had a forgettable position in the group because he isn't the most traditionally attractive person and has a personality that's more on the quiet side, but his talents are outstanding.

You pretty boy.

Serving us some abs.

No baby, you're the hot one. 

Such a cutie pie.

Those glasses shouldn't be allowed on that man. 

Junho Grown,

Junho should always wear high-waisted pants for, you know, reasons. 

Lately he's been receiving a lot of love from Japan...

...and really, can you blame them?

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