Nov 4, 2014

Top 10 Shoujo Jidai Songs (+Thoughts on the New OT8)

When Jessica got kicked out of Girls' Generation it dawned me that the glory days of this group were officially over. I think we all saw it coming, but probably not this soon in time. To be honest, with Jessica leaving it does feel like the magic is lost with this group and like they've just as easilky could have disbanded instead. SNSD just doesn't work with 8 members, and Jessica had such an important part in the group too that her presence simply cannot be covered by someone else. It pains me to admit that I probably won't be following this group as actively anymore, as I still can't process that they're no longer the holy, unbreakable, indestructible OT9. To me, the original line-up is the only one that really works and that I can fully support. It's either nine or nothing, as sad as it might be.

However, I will continue listening to all the music they've put out through the years as nine members, and that's the Girls' Generation I will cherish in my heart. It's no secret I've always preferred their Japanese stuff, and that's why I've made this list composed of Japanese songs only. These songs are really what this group is all about to me, and it sucks that we won't be able to hear them as they should sound anymore. I suppose you could see this as a tribute to the SNSD that once was, the girl group that shone so brightly even the stars faded in the background  

Some honorable mentions that unfortunately didn't quite make it:
Stay Girls
Let It Rain
Galaxy Supernova
Everyday Love

10. Paparazzi

This is one of the earliest videos I saw of this group, as it came out around the same time I got into K-pop. I instantly liked the song, and I still do, especially the instrumental and its funky melody. Although I remember being put off by Sooyoung's hideous outfit, I didn't stop me from jamming out to this dance-bop.

9. Animal

There's not much to say except that this is a great song, much like most of their Japanese ones. What I like about this kind of sound is that its more dance-oriented and up-tempo, as well as having a more mature sound and approach. If only their Korean stuff could sound more like this.

8. Flyers

Although this song (and the album) sounded a bit less like the Shoujo Jidai we're used to, it's still an amazing song. I loved it upon first listen, and the fun, high-energy vibe spoke to me and reminded me of my childhood days in which I listened to Avril Lavigne plenty more that I want to admit. All and all, the song is pretty rad.

7. You-aholic

Taken from their very first, brilliant Japanese album "Girls' Generation", "you-aholic" is a piece of art. The melody is great, the instrumental is amazing and the mood of the song is sultry and seductive. I think the line distribution is a lot more even here too than many of their songs, so that's always a plus.

6. Time Machine

This is the only ballad to feature on this list, and there's a pretty good reason why. I loved this song instantly when I first heard it, and being someone who usually doesn't like ballads all too much that's not a frequent occurrence. "Time Machine" is emotional and beautifully painful, and the girls do such a great job singing their hearts out. Also, I adore this video the bits. Nothing is better than what SNSD was in 2011.

5. Mr. Taxi

This was Shoujo Jidai's first original Japanese single, and I think they made a pretty solid move in picking this song to represent the group to their new audience. When I heard it the first time way back in 2012 I thought it was a bit funny to sing about a "Mr Taxi", but you can't deny that the melody is crazy infectious and not too soon afterwards I was completely hooked.

4. Reflection

I actually didn't like this song that much up until quite recently, and I really don't understand why because it's a great dance-track much like many other songs of theirs. When I did get into it though, there was no holding me back from listening to it over and over again. The chorus is just amazing, but the entire song is pretty spot on.

3. The Great Escape

Oh how I adore this song. Another instantly catchy dance-track from their first Japanese album, it set the standard of what kind of music they would be making as a J-pop group. I love that this song is a bit longer since it leads to the chorus repeating itself multiple times before it's over, and it's certainly one you would want to hear more than once. I'm also crazy about the intro, and the build-up that follows and grows until the main section kicks in. It makes me excited just thinking about it.

2. Karma Butterfly

There's no other song on this list that I would have wanted this group to have as their comeback title for 2014 instead of "Mr.Mr" than this one. This is everything the modern-day SNSD should sound and look like, and I think it would have blown Koreans out of the water if they returned with this song and choreography. It's sexy, yet classy and mature, and it has a really international sound to it that would appeal to a large audience.

1. Bad Girl

First of all, the intro to this song tells you right there and then that you're in for a ride. Just hearing the beginning beat leading up to the explosion that follows when the song starts for real gives me some serious goosebumps. The rest of the track continues serving us some intense guitar riffs, bad-ass vocals and a heck load of attitude to finish it off. There's nothing I don't like about this song, and it's not so strange it is my most played track on iTunes.

There you have it, my 10 favorite Japanese SNSD tracks. There are of course plenty more that I like, but these ones are ones that get me going instantly. What are your favorite songs and how are your feelings towards this group now when they've lost the power of nine?

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