Jan 9, 2015

2014 End-year Review - Worst Styling

What's truly wonderful about K-pop, and the music industry in general, is the styling that can be both hit or miss. What I found most surprising about K-pop at first was how different the idol groups were styled compared to many western acts, that usually stay within the trends. Going outside of the fashion norm was a standard rather than an exception, and that still stands today, more or less. Sometimes though, it doesn't look quite right.


EXO - Overdose

I don't even know what was going on here. I mean, bucket hats? Seriously SM? These outfits and various head accessories made me want to set something on fire, preferably EXO's styling department, but what was the most annoying was that the other set of clothes they wore looked perfectly fine. Way to mess up something that didn't needed to be messed with.

4Minute - Whatcha Doin' Today?

4Minute - 4Minute World

The concept photos for 4Minute's 2014 comeback looked so promising, so when the video dropped I couldn't believe the styling disaster I've just witnessed. First of all, I disliked 4 out of 5 hairstyles given to them, and the clothes were just horrendous. 4Minute have had some wanky styling in the past, but this time it just looked trashy and cheap. Lots of plastic, metal, glitter, unflattering designs and weird combinations flew all over the place and it just came off messy.

2PM - Go Crazy

I know it was all part of their concept, but it really doesn't excuse some of the hideous clothes they wore for this year's promotions. I'm sure there's a way to look fun and crazy without involving mullets, kilts, tracksuits and flower costumes. And those are just some of the different styles they've rocked on stage this year. It's hilarious, yes, but that's because they look extremely unattractive.

A Pink - Luv

A Pink Hosts "PINK LUV" Show Case key=>0 count60A Pink [LUV] at SBS MTV the Show: All about K-POP Season 4

No words can accurately reflect my anger about A Pink's styling for "Luv" this winter. I also know I'm not the only one, because there's been scarily many articles about their horrid outfits and complains to their stylists for making these beautiful women such fashion crimes. Literally nothing has been working for them, and it sucks because it makes their performances way less enjoyable.

Got7 - Girls, Girls, Girls and Stop Stop It
GOT7 - Identify

These boys have had a rough year, styling-wise. Although "A" came in like a breath of fresh air and made everyone look amazing, it unfortunately seems to have been just a one-time thing. When they debuted I couldn't even look at them properly because their clothes made my eyes hurt, and when they came back most recently I wanted to badly to love them but those overalls surely put an end to that. Better luck in 2015, boys!

Stay tuned for the next part, the one were I reveal that there can be groups with successful styling and that not everything is a disaster. I know that after reading this post, it appears not to be the case, but trust me, there is a bright side to it as well. Apart from these wardrobe disasters, are there any other acts whose styling stood out to you as particularly appalling?