Jan 14, 2015

2014 Year-End Review - Top 5 Albums


Back in August I named my 5 favorite albums (both full and mini) that came out during the first half of the year, and now I'm naming my 5 favorites to have come out during the second one. I've said this before, but next year I'll probably skip the mid-year reviews and only do one big at the end of the year. I mean, it's a lot more truthful that way. In this particular category I think I'll also do two separate ones; one for mini-albums and one for full-length.

Anyhow, done is done for this year so here are the albums I enjoyed between July and December 2014.

Ha:tfelt - Me?

There are so many things that I love about this glorious, marvelous mini-album. To be completely honest, I didn't have much knowledge or interest in Wonder Girls at all, so I knew very little of Yeeun except her singing skills. I gave her mini a shot though, because I found the concept interesting and I also knew that she was heavily involved with her own music, and I am so glad I did. Ha:tfelt presents one of the best albums from a K-pop star I've ever come across. It's personal, emotional, raw and absolutely beautifully put together. I really couldn't ask for more and it showed as I gave it a top score in my previous review of it. Magical, that is what "Me?" is.

Favorite Tracks: "Iron Girl", "Truth", "Peter Pan", "Nothing Lasts Forever"

Winner - 2014 S/S

I was a huge fan of Winner before they had even debuted, so I knew I would support them fully when they actually did debut, no matter what material the decided to put out. To my relief though, this album was unexpectedly solid. Or maybe not to unexpected, because I could tell already from the beginning that they had talent in all areas. Whether it came to singing, rapping, dancing and composing, there was a member for it. I think that this album has a very consistent, cohesive sound and I managed to quickly get an idea of what kind of music this group would be making. If this is only their debut album, the future is looking very bright indeed.

Favorite Tracks: "But", "Tonight", "Smile Again", "Color Ring"

Vixx - Error

This mini-album gave me so much hope, and so much happiness. I was quite disappointed with their earlier 2014 release, but "Error" was literally the most perfect comeback ever. I really believe that Vixx have begun to find their own style as a music group, and this mini showcases it perfectly. It's really a shame it's only 5 songs long (excluding the intro and instrumental), because it has a beautiful sound to it that featuring both darker and lighter songs, but all in true Vixx spirit. What makes it all the more enjoyable is, as always, Leo's and Ken's vocals help raise the bar a few levels, but I think everyone in the group did a great job providing their own colors to the album.

Favorite Tracks: "Error", "After Dark", "What U Waiting For"

f(x) - Red Light

Yeah, like I was going to exclude this album on this list. You guys know I adore this group, and it would be silly of my not to mention it at all, but this album was also really good. After "Pink Tape" my expectations were dangerously high, and although they weren't entirely met with this album, it was still one of the better albums this year. I simply love f(x)'s sound, I love that uniqueness that only they can pull off and master without it sounding weird. Although it's a shame that they couldn't promote for as long as they were intended to, or that they didn't get a repackaged album like many wished and suspected they would, I'll always be thankful that we at least got little time together with "Red Light".

Favorite Tracks: "Milk", "All Night", "Butterfly", "Dracula"

JYJ - Just Us

Not going to lie, I only first listened to this album very recently, and that I am ashamed of. To be honest, I haven't been very keen on JYJ, and not for the reasons you might think. Naturally, I like the members and I know they're insanely talented, but not seeing them anywhere kind of makes it hard to follow them as a fan. However, I thought I might give this album a try anyway, even though I was a bit worried after "In Heaven". Already from the first few tracks I knew this album sounded promising, and I don't think I've been more pleasantly surprised with an album this year. Of course, the vocals are what truly makes it, and I'm happy Yoochun is singing and composing again, but the songs are also well written, produced and sung.

Favorite Tracks: "Back Seat", "So So", "2.30", "Creation"

Now I want to know what albums you've been having on replay this past year! Please share in the comments :)

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