Jan 1, 2015

And Thus Begins The Year of 2015

Photo Credit: Me
Hello everyone! I know I'm a bit late with my New Year's greetings, but in my defense I was barely home at all yesterday and unlike my Christmas post I forgot to schedule it beforehand. Anyhow, I hope you all had a wonderful evening together with friends, family and other close ones, and I sincerely wish you all a happy 2015.

This year has been quite a whirlwind, but for me personally and most certainly in the K-pop industry, but not everything has been bad. Although there have been ups and downs I think for everybody, there have been moments here and there were you felt like it wasn't so terrible after all. I wish for myself that this new year will bring more of those moments, and I wish that everyone I know will feel the same way.

I hope you all will be safe, healthy and happy.

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