Jan 4, 2015

Song of the Week #34

IU - Sogyeokdong

I heard this song like literally two days ago, and I'm not kidding when I say I'm head over heels in love with it. I would like to express my thanks to Seo Taiji for composing this wonderful synth-piece, and of course songstress IU for providing her own special vocals to make it even lovelier.


  1. Seotaiji is a genius ^_^, of course IU did a great job too, her version sounds sweet and lovely, but this song is not that simple its real meaning is very sad :( Sogyeokdong is the place Seotaiji was born and spent his childhood, this song is about a dark time in Korea's history, please google "Ask a Korean!: History Behind Seo Taiji's Sogyeokdong" and you will see.
    Seotaiji is the President of Culture of Korea; he's probably the most brilliant and versatile musician Korea gave to the world. Although he's popular in Korea, he does not promote very much so people outside Korea don't know his great music. Seotaiji is like Korean's National Treasure.

    1. I do love Seo Taiji's version too, and while I think IU is a better singer he definitely brings the song to life in a completely different way. Both versions are awesome though!
      Thanks for commenting and I will definitely check out your suggestion! :)

    2. I like both versions too ^_^ but the depth of its meaning really has done me in, and since Seo Taiji composed the song, I think I went for the composer's version. Thank you for checking it out, I think it's worth reading :)