Mar 4, 2015

Vixx' s "Love Equation" MV is All Fanservice and I Love It

VIXX - Boys’ Record

IU did it last year, various idols have done it in the past, and now it's Vixx's turn to release a remake album. For their title track they chose to remake R.ef's "Farewell Formula" and turn it into "Love Equation" (which is the official English title while the Korean remains the same) with a more modern spin. Judging by the teaser pictures, it was obvious that Vixx wasn't going dark or supernatural with this comeback, but rather sweet and bright in time for the arrival of spring.

VIXX - Boys’ RecordThe most interesting thing about this video is probably how cute and happy-go-lucky it is compared to how sad the lyrics are. Not that there isn't elements reflecting the story of the song in there, but the overall feeling of the video is more happy than anything else. Of course it could be because of the song, which for anyone who doesn't speak Korean (including myself) sounds nothing like a song of heartbreak and sadness. I suppose it would be hard to create a melodramatic video with such an energetic, upbeat song like this one, so from that perspective I think Vixx has succeeded greatly.

As the song is about a break-up, or more like getting dumped, there are some sequences in the plot to enhance the message. Hongbin has trouble getting out of bed, Ken plays video games on his own with a second controller alone beside him and N is actually being dumped by his presumed girlfriend at a bus stop. The rest of the boys are seen doing other activities that are not directly related to the break-up, such as Leo playing basketball, Ravi mopping the floor of their practice room and Hyuk watching him whilst eating ice-cream. Although I suppose it could be their ways of dealing with the heartbreak, especially Ravi who looks particularly sorrowful.

The plot however, whilst perfectly functional, isn't why this video is as good as it is. Vixx has more or less always had above average videos, but this one is probably one of my absolute favorites. Although I love this group for their unique and innovative dark concepts, seeing them in this type of setting is refreshing to say the least mainly because it's a truer side of the group that is showcased. For any Starlight seeing the boys being their funny, stupid selves is the biggest reward you can get, and to have them act it out this effortlessly in a music video is like a dream come true. They play around with the camera and each other and seem to be both relaxed and comfortable (apart from Leo, perhaps, but even he pulls it off without too much awkwardness), and their cute interactions alone are enough to make me all warm and fuzzy inside. The scene at the end where they all gather and hang out for a bit before practicing appears as totally genuine knowing their personalities, and it melts my heart.
VIXX - Boys’ Record
Another positive aspect about this video is the cinematography as well as the set design, which in my opinion tops everything else they've done so far. I'm simply in love with the coloring throughout the entire video, the slightly dim lightning and grayer undertones. It definitely helps bringing the video down from being too cute and colorful and instead gives it a more artistic feeling. It's easy to imagine how it could have been if this video was as light and bright in colors as "G.R.8.U" as well as having this bubblegum-sweet tune, and I don't think that would have been as easy to watch as this one. Because of the darker filtering, the sticky, sugary impact that could have been is greatly reduced, and instead it provides a more natural sense of cuteness.

VIXX - Boys’ RecordThere are many more things that I could rant about because this video, although simple in premise and execution, is filled with small quirks and details that as a whole has a lasting impact on the viewer. The choreography for one is a highlight because it's kind of stupidly cute and despite it being way below Vixx's skill level, it allows plenty of room for improvisation and other antics that this group usually isn't allowed with their regular routines. Another affecting factor is how ridiculously good-looking they are, and how the styling for this concept fits them just as right as any of their other ones. The clothes are casual yet stylish, and I'm literally going crazy for all the beanie action. Everyone looks dashing as usual, but Leo, Ken and N in black hair are always good combinations. And although Hongbin's pink hair is nowhere to be seen in the video it's still strangely gorgeous but then again, he has a gorgeous face to make it work with.

Vixx has once again blessed us with a well-produced and executed video, and this time it doesn't involve human hybrids, vampires or stabbing. They show that they can work a concept like this just as well, and considering their debut had a similar theme it shouldn't be too shocking. I think it's important to explore your different sides and styles, and this is exactly what Vixx has done yet still keeping that sound that I know only belongs to them.

Song: 3,5/5
Video: 4,25/5

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