Apr 1, 2015

Madtown Enters A "New World" For Their Comeback

Last year, a 7-member group called Madtown debuted onto the K-pop scene, and I payed them no attention whatsoever. I think I tried to watch the video for "Yolo" but I didn't even make it through the first minute, and thus my interest for the group died. Also hailing from J. Tune Camp, a.k.a the company that failed to promote Mblaq and Two-X, I wasn't setting my hopes high. However, I thought I might give their new song a try simple partly because I like to be generous, but also because the members in this group are all really attractive.

Where do I even start with this video? Well, at least I suppose it's better than "Yolo" but boy can you tell that this is a rookie group. I'm almost a bit sad actually, because I feel like this group could and should do much better. Although J. Tune has done many things wrong with their other groups, at least Mblaq received some good tracks and more than decent videos over the years. I mean their 2013 single "Smokey Girl" was my jam for months and the video was amazing too.

However, as low-budget as this video is it isn't completely useless. The song is serviceable and has several good parts and hooks, but the overall quality of it is all the more disappointing. It's clear that the members have talent in both singing and rapping, but the track is overshadowed with noise that basically drowns out any vocal abilities. The background beat is too harsh on the ears and the electronic sounds that make up the instrumental are layered in a very messy way that unfortunately makes the entire track a bit difficult to listen to. The melody isn't bad at all, but the production most certainly is. If this is their idea of hip-hop then I'm simply not going to like it.

As for the video, it's also serviceable but that's really about it. Judging by the lyrics it seems like the song is about throwing a massive party and inviting everyone and anyone in to join, as well as not caring about what may come tomorrow. It's a bit rebellious and full of attitude, which matches the group's image. In the video it's seemingly represented by a boxing match, and thus most of the video takes place in what looks like a boxing club in a gritty basement. The sets aren't exactly brilliantly constructed or realistic, but it's definitely not the worst box-video I've seen.

Other aspects such as the styling and choreography are alright, but there's nothing that hasn't been seen before. Not that anything in music is truly original though, but watching the members act tough to live up to the hip-hop spirit is a trend at least I'm getting tired of. I think the clothes are fine for the most part, but that one-shoulder-sleeve Daewon is wearing is nothing but hideous. I do find the dance routine the most underwhelming part though, because to me it felt pretty uninspiring as well as a bit strange at times. With a song and a concept that demands attitude and power it lacks that extra punch that I think would have made the entire viewing experience a bit more interesting.

All in all I remain fairly neutral to this group. This comeback should have been the one to convert me into a fan because I really want to like them, but it didn't. The song wasn't particularly well-made and the video was disappointing as well. Despite their attempts I still don't buy the image they're trying to sell me, and I don't know if the fault lies within the management or the group itself, but I'm inclined to believe in the former.

Song: 2/5
Video: 2,4/5

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