May 27, 2015

Bestie Serves Another Summer Hit With "Excuse Me"

People that know about Bestie may or may not already know that 3 out of the four members were originally part of EXID, but due to contract disputes left the label entirely. The remaining members of EXID recruited member Solji and continued their activities, but the ones that left were absent from the industry for a while until they a year later debuted as Bestie with new member Dahye. I personally really like Bestie, and some of the song's they've released during their career so far are some of my absolute favorites.

The group has been titled Sistar 2.0, and although it might seem a bit harsh there is actually a lot of truth to it. There are four members to start off with, and they all have killer bodies, lots of sassy confidence and an appropriate amount of sexiness. Their concept and image is much alike Sistar's, to put it shortly. Their new single "Excuse Me" only confirms this theory of mine that they are out to get Sistar's crown as the queens of summer hits.

First off, the song itself is great. While nothing will ever be able to top "Love Options", this track is probably my favorite promotional track since that one was released back in 2013. Excuse me is a fun, summery track with a perfect mixture of powerful vocals are sexy rap portions, and although the verses and chorus are kind of mix-matched it still works surprisingly well.The song is mainly driven by funky sounding brass instruments and horns, which is much like the nowadays signature sound of EXID, but Bestie's track is more energetic and definitely more sassy. It is, like basically all of their other title tracks, a genuinely good song and I most certainly believe that consistently putting out great jams like this one will pay off eventually.

BESTie - Love EmotionLike the song, the video is a perfect release in time for the arrival of summer season. It's literally one of the most vibrant and colorful videos I've seen this year, as every shot is full of pinks, blues and yellow tones. The cinematography is complemented with the styling of the members. Their clothes and makeup and also to a certain extent hair color, all come together to make this video as fun and summery as it is. Because honestly, what is summer without a burst of color?

The plot for the video is also quite funny, and is actually more or less connected to the lyrics of the song. That's not an everyday occurrence, as you may be familiar with as a K-pop fan. In the song, the members are singing about rejecting sleazy guys who only want to get in their pants, and in the video that is pretty much what's going down, but with a comical twist. The group have come into possession of a pair of glasses which allow them to see the various surrounding men's true intentions, and they are not very gentlemanly. The main star, or should I say perv, of the video is Bestie's label mate Kang Kyun Sung, also a member of vocal group Noel, who put on a exaggerated yet funny performance as a guy at a diner who with anything but good intentions.

BESTie - Love Emotion
Other than that, the acting in the video isn't very convincing. It's maybe not to be expected from a fairly new idol group but I know that Haeryung has acted as a child and recently as an adult, yet her acting isn't particularly good either. Some of their expressions and actions feel quite stereotypical and unnatural, and as the video does have an actual plot it would have been nice for the acting to be better as well, but I guess you can't have everything.

However, the video is quite light-hearted in its nature and isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, so I'm not too hung up on that. Other favorite parts about the video include the ending with the two guys, one of which Haeryung tries to flirt with, as the other members thanks to the glasses discover actually date each other. I'm always happy whenever any kind of LGBT-community is represented, so for Bestie to include a male-male couple in their video is a huge plus for me. Poor Haeryung gets heartbroken when she finds out though, but it's still a bit funny.

BESTie - Love Emotion
The other main star of the video, apart from Kang Kyun Sung, is member Dahye. I never really paid much attention to her before, but she is killing it this comeback. Maybe it's the black hair, maybe it's the ponytail or maybe is it how amazingly she fits this concept, but I for sure can't take my eyes off her. I know that UJi holds the sexy title for many fans, and I can't deny her divinity either, but Dahye's body is to die for. Seriously, I don't know if I should be angry or in awe.

As a whole, this video is pretty good for being a very typical K-pop video, but I'm hoping and believing that this is not yet the best this group will give us. I definitely think it's their best video yet, but I certainly think they can do better. What disappointed me most was the questionable styling and choreography, which has worked quite well in live performances so far, but it's not exactly what I had wanted from them. Nonetheless, their performances are sexy, energetic and lively, and I've said it once but I'll say it again: Nothing is sexier than a smile.

Song: 4/5
Video: 3,6/5

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