Jun 21, 2015

Video of the Week #7

SHINee Performing "Odd Eye" On This Week's M!Countdown

SHINee has been killing it every performance of "View" this promotion cycle, and have proven themselves once again to be on top of the game when it comes to both live singing and dancing. Unfortunately they are already rounding up their promotions (thanks SM), so for their M!Countdown goodbye stage they performed one of my favorites from the album: "Odd Eye".

While I love the song it wasn't solely for that reason I wanted to post this video, but because of Key and Taemin who are giving me life with their performances. This kind of dark, mysterious thing they've got going on suits them like nothing else, and I'm in love with their styling. They should always have jet black hair and shaved sides. Now that's eye candy.

I mean, seriously? Are you trying to kill me?

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