Jul 17, 2015

"S/S Edition" Is Classic Nine Muses At It's Best

Nine Muses has a history of having excellent title tracks and high-quality albums, which was why I was slightly disappointed by the less-than-stellar "Drama" comeback earlier this year. Not that it wasn't good, but because they have done so much better in the past. I was worried that this group was on the decline, especially after having changed members again, but then they came back again with "S/S Edition" and I was proven entirely wrong.

The album opens with an intro appropriately titled "Muse", which is a one-minute long instrumental piece to set the mood for the rest of the mini. It's quite a good intro actually, as it both has a melody and drive of its own and incorporates a few samples from the title track.

"Hurt Locker", which is the name of the title track, follows shortly after. I've previously written in the review of the MV for said song about how much I adore the track, and that opinion still stands firm. I could be that my expectations have been lowered due to the underwhelming releases of other groups this summer, but I think that I would have loved this song even if that wasn't the case too. 

One of the many great things about this song is the melody. I cannot stress enough how important it is for a song to have a distinct and clear melody that follows a distinct structure, because how else are you going to remember it? Nowadays with pop songs many of them do not have this necessity, and therefore they become bland and forgettable, but "Hurt Locker" has one of the best melodies I've heard in a long time.

On top of that is the enormous power this song possesses, as it's upbeat with a club-like sound and accompanied by strong and determined vocals. My only complaint, and it is a tiny one, is that the rap part didn't perfectly fit with the rest of the song. It's not Erin herself that does a bad job because she's great, but I think the song as a whole would've sounded better with no rap breakdown.

"A Person Like You" is the next song to prove that this group is back in the game, and this track is a perfect representation of Nine Muses' typical musical style. Relying on instruments such as synths, funky guitars and horns it has a steady beat and a infectious melody. I think it's very similar to tracks they have put out in the past, such as "Figaro" and "Dolls", and while it's not one of their best songs it's a style that they master fully and completely. It's so easy to like, and all the members sounds great singing about realizing they deserve better than the jerk of a boyfriend they've been dating.

Following is "Fancy", which is noteworthy because while it definitely sounds like a song this group would do it also sounds like a song that plenty of other groups could have in their discography too. Groups that come to mind are Rainbow, AOA and even some Sistar right there in the beginning with the Hyorin-like falsetto wails.

The song is basically about fancying someone, which the title pretty much reveals, but also finding them fancy, so they're using the word for several purposes. Unlike the previous two this one is a bit slower and definitely a lot more sexier, especially the whisper-like vocals in the chorus. The rapping is also well incorporated into the track which makes me really happy, as I always enjoy it when Erin gets to show what she's capable of.

The final track on the mini is "Yes Or No", and it is, after "Hurt Locker", my favorite song on the album. I would definitely say it channels the same vibe as "Trickle" on the previous mini, and that was my favorite on that one too so I guess I really like it when Nine Muses do these type of songs. I wouldn't exactly call it a mid-tempo ballad because it's not truly a ballad, but it's one of the album's softer, slower tracks. Having a more minimalistic approach musically it doesn't have the bombastic traits of Nine Muses' typical high-energy tracks, and it instead focuses on the vocals and lyrics. As you probably can guess it's about wanting a clear answer as to what the relationship stands: yes or no? Having this track on the mini allows a more vulnerable side to be shown, and I personally think it's a gorgeous track to end this solid album on.

After going through the disappointment and following doubt about this groups' musical direction earlier this year I can say that I obviously don't have anything to worry about. "S/S Edition" is a perfect summer mini with four great tracks and a clear musical pattern to flow through each track. It's no question that this group has a specific musical identity, and with this mini they show well the type of amazing music they can put out.

Highlights: "Hurt Locker", "Yes Or No"
Total Score: 4,25/5

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